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Last year I posted about my favorite zaatar fatayer which was from a place called JS Foods located inside Sultan Center Shaab. But then Sultan Center Shaab closed down and JS Foods closed down which sucked for me. But, I recently found out they had moved and opened up a new location also in Shaab.

It’s a tiny place that’s fairly hidden, their map link on instagram wasn’t working so it actually took me two trips to find the place. JS Foods is a vegan restaurant that serves gluten and sugar-free food items. I picked up a box of freshly baked zaatar fatayer and they were as delicious as I remember them being. They also have a lot of other items on their menu like pancakes, acai bowls, granola bars, bread and more.

So if you’re interested in passing by them, here is their location on [Google Maps]. They have a cute seating area and they’re open from 8AM to 5PM. They also have delivery. For more info, check them out on instagram @jsfoodskwt

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  1. zaydoun says:

    This location used to be Buttercup (same owners) which had the best chocolate chip cookies in Kuwait at the time, in my opinion.

    I agree their zaatar fatayer are delicious!

  2. noor says:

    how can we place an order for delivery?
    there is no link or phone number on their instagram account

  3. Allen says:

    Does anybody know where Buttercup cafe went? Did they move to a different branch?

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