Koryokwan Opening in Symphony Mall


Koryokwan, the Korean restaurant located in Carlton Hotel is opening a new location in Symphony Mall in Salmiya. My guess is that they will be moving out of their current location in Carlton Hotel since the building is very old and in the summer the air conditioning isn’t that great. The new location will be located in the basement of the mall right next to Party Land and hopefully it’ll end up looking as good as their current location.

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God! That place- Symphony could use some infusion of life. Tell me about it.

On Korean food I have always been a bit skeptical partly out of ignorance on what to order and partly because of the un-agreeable aroma (hardly an aroma, actually lol) emanating out of a Korean diner that I used to know in the Souk El Muttaheida area in town back in the rocking 80s.

Do they serve dog meat as routine? If yes, that’s gross.

… That’s pretty racist and Korean food is fantastic and you’d probably eat it if it was something you could order off Instagram to show your friends

That’s absurd. What’s to stop people going to a French place simply coz horse meat is a delicacy in some parts of France?!

Many establishments are advertisements at Symphony as opening or coming soon but they must have a different definition of the word soon. Bubba Gump is going on a year now with their opening soon and it took johnny rockets 8 months to finally open. I’m sure there are many more examples of coming soon in Kuwait. Maybe they should just leave out the word soon and just advertise “Coming…”

Kinokuniya the bookstore and the new Kuwait International COMiNG. SOON 🙂

And as for Hooters in Kuwait, that one’s coming REAL SOON 🙂 🙂

It doesn’t take much to piss people off these days. I’d blame it on the Kuwaiti
summers. But sooner or later, they usually come round.

Pl give us the low down on Chik-a-fils coming to Kuwait

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