Kout Food Group buys Little Chef

Post by Mark

Kout, which also owns the Maison Blanc bakery chain in southern England and more than 40 Burger King and KFC sites in Britain and Kuwait, bought Little Chef from RCapital, the private equity firm said on Sunday.

I hadn’t heard of Little Chef until today but from what I’ve read it looks like an iHop competitor. [Link]

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  1. Ramo says:

    Nothing like IHOP not that IHOP is quality! Basically used to be prominent on motorway gas stations. Below average at best

  2. RobW says:

    Yeah, they tried to revamp it when it went under a few years back iirc; all I remember from my rare visits were terrible, reheated food at very expensive prices.
    No idea what they’re like since the revamp, I haven’t seen one in the UK for years now!

  3. When it first opened in Avenues it was really good and sadly as most restaurants do, they have gone downhill and I won’t eat there again. Last month we went there and my stuffed omelette was full of grease, half the size it used to be and the hashbrowns looked like they were from the day before even though the manager brought me a new one it was the same. Are people here really into breakfast?

  4. P.J. says:

    In the UK, these are frquently known as ‘Little Thieves’;Crap food at high priices.

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