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  1. Kingfisher says:

    Just love da cover pic. Absolutely Apt!!!

  2. shabz says:

    i am travel agent… and i know… lol….

  3. neoark25 says:

    I’m the one left behind waving goodbye >.>

  4. Kuwait says:

    LMAO I’m gonna be on one of them planes too

  5. Jabman says:

    gonna celebrate the traditional and in my opinion the family and right way by going to the mosque in the morning then visiting family members and celebrating with them.

  6. matt says:

    I am one of those people and I want to dress like a Viking with a shield and sword and burrough through the crowds (Welcome to Bombay!) KIA, Hey I’ll probably get a sword through the xray machine#$### If they sell my seat to a Kuwaiti at the check-in desk – it’s goin’ down! that’s all I’ll say. Please tell me they don’t do that anymore, I have connecting flights in Dubai:(

  7. matt says:

    P.S. Let’s hope the air traffic control systems (ancient) work!

  8. Nixon says:

    LOL exactly

  9. Jaber says:

    Can you blame them?

  10. Danny says:

    Time to GTFO

  11. Mahir says:

    What is the point of this pic and caption.? A little explanation is needed for the common man

  12. stu says:

    Thus increasing the already high ratio of FAIKs (Fathers Alone In Kuwait) that summer brings on.

  13. Bo Jassom says:

    ..and I left already.. :p

  14. spikz says:

    I prefer staying in Kuwait.

    Whats better than 4 days of peaceful sleep ?

  15. Simple_Man says:

    I have renamed the airport Highway (55) the happiest road in Kuwait. Just look at the faces of people heading towards the airport. If they are leaving they are smiling, if they are picking up someone they are smiling (Misery Likes Company).

    The Happiest Road In Kuwait!!

    • Nicolas says:

      Haha! :) So true!

      Except if you take your family members or friends to airport when they are traveling and you have to stay in Kuwait :|

  16. Hassan says:

    Lol reading this while boarding to dubai 😂

  17. Mohammad Buyabes says:


    The system works, MOST of the time! :p
    Seriously though, You can’t imagine how air traffic controllers can manage all that traffic! It’s HELL. At least you know what ATC is while most of people think that we sit in front of the radar and just monitor the aircrafts..

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