Kuwait Based Rock House Sliders Opening in L.A.

Post by Mark

The 7950 Sunset block in WeHo is ready for a new tenant in 2018, the Kuwaiti burger chain, Rock House Sliders. With six locations throughout Kuwait, the restaurant is owned by the Kuwaiti-based Marafie Works Group.

Though former Luca On Sunset space has been empty since 2014, Marafie Works Group will commence the build-out in October. Management at 7950 Sunset had trouble finding a tenant to fill the large retail space after Luca’s closed because of irreconcilable landlord differences. Once complete, the newcomer will keep sit next to 9021 Pho and EVO Kitchen on a very busy stretch of Sunset Blvd near Hayworth.

The team at Marafie Works Group adopted American culture into the growing Rock House brand, with images of attractive urbanites enjoying the burgers. The mini burgers start on a potato bun with a choice of fried chicken or beef. The toppings include items like jalapeño and bacon, or truffle mushroom, and diners choose an accompanying sauce such as barbecue, chipotle mayo, buffalo mayo, chipotle barbecue, along with their own mystery sauce. They offer milkshakes, too.

Rock House Sliders’ U.S. entry is a curious choice. It will be even more interesting to see the response to this popular Kuwaiti brand bringing American-styled food to Los Angeles. [Source]

This actually makes a lot of sense to me since I keep telling people that L.A. has similar taste in food to Kuwait. But, they’re opening down the street from The Comedy Store, the same street that has In-N-Out and Chick-fil-A so they’ve got tough competition in the neighborhood. If they can make it there, then they’ll probably do really well opening up anywhere else.

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  1. Argon says:

    Wow, wish them the best of luck! Make us proud boys, and gals. Man, I hope one day I will make it too.

  2. Sal says:

    Amazing! I think it does have potential to do well in LA due to the heavy population of GCC students.. Maybe they will be willing to venture to Sunset Blvd to support their fellow Arabs and this venture.

  3. MAK says:


  4. adly says:

    why wouldnt they do well? Americans love burgers and sliders and the brand and menu have literally nothing to do with Kuwait so its not like someone was opening a machboos restaurant and wondering if it would become popular in the US or not.

    Restaurants are all about location, price and quality so if they are in a good location, and the prices are competitive and the quality is good and consistent, they shouldnt have a problem and I wish them luck!

  5. Bo Jaij says:

    So does this mean that the bacon will be “real” now ;D

  6. But will they actually use halal meat? That is the question :p

  7. Quintin says:

    love this places little burgers! :) they will do well!! (had no idea they were kuwaiti, thought it was a american brand of something)

  8. 1016 says:

    Wow that’s amazing! I never thought that a local fast food concept would make it’s way to the US considering that America is known to be the birthplace of burger joints. But if anyone can do it, they certainly can since their sliders are the nicest in my opinion!

    All the best Marafie Group, make Kuwait proud:)

  9. Infusions KW says:

    That is really cool! Feel so proud! Definitely a fav in our home!

  10. khaled says:

    RHS has the worst burgers in Kuwait…id rather see the B+F chain open up in the U.S

    • 1016 says:

      You think? My friends and I actually decided to have RHS last night after seeing this post ( proud Kuwaiti :) ) and we felt that it’s definitely 1 of the top 3 slider restaurants in Kuwait, B+F included. They must be doing something right to have 6 locations in Kuwait and now they are expanding to the US, something that I didn’t know was possible until reading this article.

      Although, this comment does seem like the competition is not too happy about it lol.

      • Mark says:

        Well this is Kuwait, you could not be doing good and still have 20 locations and a branch in NY, Paris and LA. You just need cash…

        • Fais says:

          Ignorant all round Mark. I know of these guys personally and they have grown from nothing. If it is true, we should be so proud a Kuwaiti brand could achieve this.

          • Mark says:

            Ignorant? Did I even mention anything about RHS or the owners of RHS? You should reread my comment since I don’t think you understood it.

          • 1016 says:

            Faris has a point, your comment implies that Kuwaiti business owners have money but no talent to grow their businesses.

            • Mark says:

              Faris doesn’t have a point and neither do you. My reply was to the comment above mine where the person stated “They must be doing something right to have 6 locations in Kuwait”.

              So no idea how you turned this into Kuwaiti business owners having no talent.

              • nathan says:

                you don’t have to be a genius to do well making burgers. cash + good quality meat= good restaurant honestly speaking. good luck to them though

    • TWL says:

      Weird comment ?

      Why would you prefer / care to see another place open there – unless you are related to that business ?Lol

      Anyways good luck rhs !

  11. Bu H says:

    Wooo thats a first ever from Arab world ???!

    Incredible and good Luck !

  12. Ibn Al-Jazeera says:

    I’m sorry and I mean no offense but I have ordered from this place before and it is beyond garbage.

    Who ever enjoys this food must have the palate of a child. The food was oily to the point of being literally soggy and wet.

    Good luck anyway.

  13. Aziz AR says:

    That’s an amazing achievement if it’s real. Kuwaiti company travelling so far. Great food but bit slow delivery sometimes.

    I always thought it was am American franchise lol.

  14. @keenantheysay says:

    To experience the true taste and quality of RHS and their brand, one would need to physically be at one of their locations. Anyone can order a meal at home and have it delivered. But to get that fresh taste and flavour which they offer. Warm buns filled with different combinations of ingredients accompanied by one of their six sides and a drink of your choice. No better feeling. This brand will do wonders in L.A no doubt about it. USA here comes Kuwait.

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