Kuwait – The Call Of Nature

Post by Mark

Hard to believe but this video was shot in Kuwait.

Thanks Cake

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  1. Sulaiman-COOKIEEE says:

    We need al arabia (the Kuwait nature magazine and channel) to be as good as it used to be.

  2. Security Advisor says:

    Not really hard to believe, Kuwait is a beautiful country. The deserts and marsh lands up North of Kuwait during the spring and winter rainy seasons is an awesome sight to behold; unique in their own beauty. As for being shot in Kuwait, again not really surprised. Kuwait has some really educated and talented local young people out here who do awesome work in the fields of photography, art and media.

    This includes you too Mark ;-)

  3. Crumble says:

    Where is this? Is this a restricted zone requierments permits and watermelons or is it a straightforward hop-in-the-car-and-have-some-fun?

  4. lolguy says:

    Could really use a better title.

  5. Can anyone send me a google maps link to the location of this? Is this accessible by general public?

  6. Anil@Nuzha TT Club says:

    Nice work Qattan.

  7. Wyn says:

    The creators of this video have done a great job. Simply superb. Only through works like these we get to see the hidden beauty of Kuwait. Well done guys. Just one suggestion for the future would be to use ‘Arabian’ instrumental fusion type of music in the background. Arabian Song & Sand touches the Soul. Just a thought. It’s perfect anyways!

  8. george v says:

    Beautiful. Great job with the editing. The marshlands usually form after the winter rains. Black cormorants are plentiful now..that’s a good sign.

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