Nando’s at Marina Mall Opening Thursday

Nando’s are opening their new location at the Marina Mall sea side extension, Marina Crescent this coming Thursday, June 6th. Although I really enjoyed the food at The Warehouse location, it was just too far for me to want to drive there just for Nando’s. The Marina location makes a lot more sense for me so I’ll be there pretty much all the time.

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It looks too close to KFM lebanese bread to me versus the fluffy pita bread. But I can see how people would prefer that style. It’s good they’re offering the bottles, the sauce packet seemed very unprofessional and gave me the vibe they were cutting corners in quality for the Kuwait branch. I might give them another try, I was a huge fan of Nandos back in the day.

The chicken livers at Nando’s are sooo good.

The first time I went to Nando’s at The Warehouse, in the first week after it opened, the food was fantastic. The 2 visits since the food have been ok but nowhere near as good.

Hopefully, the new location pushes up the quality again.

Tried their peri peri chicken skewers (hanging from the tower) at their new branch in Alkout. Chicken cataplana with rice was good too.

Dont go when its the weekend or the first week of opening. I did that mistake when it first opened at alkout and the service was trash though i appreciated one of the server’s kindness. Food was cold and very underwhelming

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