Philippe – New High End Chinese Restaurant

Philippe is a New York-based high-end Chinese restaurant by Executive Chef Philippe Chow. They are opening their first location outside the US at JACC this coming Thursday, June 6th.

The restaurant is known for its sophisticated dining experience, and its New York location is a popular destination for celebrities and food enthusiasts. The cuisine is considered modern Beijing-style, and they are especially famous for their Peking duck and satays.

The reservation link is on their Instagram page, but there doesn’t seem to be any dates available. You could try your luck as a walk-in without a reservation since most restaurants in Kuwait tend to have a no-show rate of around 20-30%.

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Chow chow by Chef Chow, the Man himself! Splendid. This can possibly shake up the non existent fine dine non burger scene in Kuwait. Calling on, the Hakkasans, the Per Se’s and the Nobu’s to Kuwait.

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