Taw9eel Free 30-Minute Delivery All Summer

Taw9eel, the biggest online retailer in Kuwait recently launched a new store called Taw9eel FAST. It’s their 30-minute delivery service accessible in over 100+ areas around Kuwait and includes various items such as groceries, home accessories, electronics, makeup, video games and more.

To kick off this new 30-minute delivery service, 30 heavily discounted items will go on sale everyday for just 500 fils. I actually ordered a bunch of things before I traveled when I wanted to try out the service including a case of ALSI Cola Zero, 2 packs of bottled water, a travel adapter, USB-C cable, and a few other items. It took them less than 30 minutes to deliver which was convenient since I was midway packing for my trip and needed to pack the travel adapter and USB-C cable to take with me. But really the highlight for me were the deals I got on some of the items like the ALSI Cola. It’s a Saudi soft drink brand I recently tried and liked, so now is my alternative to Coke Zero and Diet Pepsi.

In addition to the above, Taw9eel are also offering free delivery all summer long if you use the code “FST”. But, as a special offer to my readers, they created a second code “248” which you can use to get 15% off your cart total. You can only use one of these codes at a time so use the code FST if you want free delivery, or 248 for 15% off on your cart total.

To try it out, get the Taw9eel App or head to and click on the department Taw9eel FAST.

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Gave them a go, and got my order in 28 minutes exactly! Good timing on their part, and as you mentioned. Great offers too!

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