Order groceries from your local Co-op using an app

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InstaSalla is a new app that allows you to order groceries from your local co-op and have it delivered within 90 minutes. Based on my short experience with the app it seems they have ALL their products available online to purchase which means this might be more comprehensive than the likes of Taw9eel or the LuLu web store.

The app is mainly in Arabic although there is an English option (swipe left to reveal the sidebar). Sadly not everything was translated to English, if you try to order anything or even register an account you’ll be met with Arabic menus even if you had chosen English as the app’s language. Still, not bad for the first release.

InstaSalla is available on both [iOS] and [Android]

Thanks umterchia

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  1. blarneyBob says:



    I used it once. I have received a call the other day that all the available items in the app are not availabie currently in the Khalidya co-op and they tried to offer alternative products to replace my selections. I said no thanks, and cancel the order!

  3. anonz says:

    excellent, lets minimize wasting any energy as it is

  4. Yusef says:

    The screenshots show english,but when I tried it it was all in arabic. Am I just stupid and missed the option for english somewhere?

  5. Buzz says:

    From my experience Taw9eel is the most reliable of the lot. Yesterday I ordered some Tesco stuff from Saveco. Four hours later a guy calls me up to say that nearly half of my order is out of stock and that my order cannot be completed because now it’s under 10 KD! He asked me if I wanted to double up the available items so we can get it back to 10 KD. I was like WTF? You want me to order stuff I don’t need just because your website is not connected to your warehouse? It’s your problem, fix it, and I cancelled the order.

  6. Hamad says:

    I still believe going out to the store by yourself picking groceries by hand is the best way to go.

  7. Copycat says:

    They tried to copy Instacart concept ,but its a total fail ..

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