OVO – A New Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant

Post by Mark


OVO, not to be confused with Drake’s record label, is a new vegan and vegetarian restaurant that opened up in Bneid Al-Gar around two weeks back. They’re located inside the Massaleh Complex and they have a pretty great outdoor seating thats secluded from the rest of the surrounding area.


More than 80% of their menu items are vegan or vegetarian but they also have some flexitarian options (food with meat) for those tagging along with vegans or vegetarians. I took a couple of photos of their current temporary menu so you can get an idea of what kind of food they serve. You can check it out [Here] and [Here]


Even though they’re currently in a soft launch phase and they’re still adding and fixing stuff on their menu, I’d definitely recommend passing by since the weather is amazing and you don’t want to miss out on their outdoor area before it gets too warm.

Finding their location might be a bit tricky though since they’re hidden off the main road. OVO is located inside the Massaleh Complex, so you’re going to have to park your car, and then take some side stairs to the back of the complex to find it, but if you follow this [Google Maps] link you shouldn’t have any difficulties. In case you get lost you can call them on 22575324/22575374 or visit their isntagram page @ovokwt

That area of Bneid Al-Gar is shaping up to be a healthy area with Alive Yoga and Healthy Feast both located nearby.

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  1. Now that’s what I call some white people vegan food.

    • Faisal says:

      No curry on that menu? Definitely “white people vegan food”.

      • Mark says:

        there is curry on the menu, check the menu links

        • Faisal says:

          I know, it was more of a response to “white people vegan food”. I like the fusion concepts.

          • I’m not Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Afghani or South Asian but thank you for making fun of their universally loved cuisine.

            Say isn’t Luqaimaat and Kuwaiti Biryani taken from their cuisine? Yes they are and they’re delicious (both the Indian and Kuwaiti versions)

            Would you also like to poke fun at Kuwaiti cuisine?

            If quinoa and organic black bean is featured in a menu of a vegetarian restaurant then yes, it is Western vegetarian. Western vegetarians popularized the usage of quinoa, kale and overtly stating whether or not something is organic. That’s a fact, not an opinion.

            OVO looks good, think I and my other vegetarian friends will head over there soon.

            • Faisal says:

              If you can make an assumption on a type of food with people, I can make an assumption based on your displayed name.

              I’ll also visit OVO. Partly cause I can snapchat Drake about it.

  2. Looks good though, might try it.

  3. Dil Siri says:

    Thank you for the good news this is fantastic !! I have been waiting since long for restaurants yummy food got no blood or some else’s face once got .
    God has given us excellent fruits veges , dilishes dishes to enjoy and keep us strong and healthy ..
    I can’t wait to taste your food .
    Wish you open one in SALMIYA too ..

  4. EE says:

    I had a very dear friend introduce me to this restaurant 2 weeks ago. The outdoor setting is totally magnetic in the evenings – and has a lounge feel to it. Very relaxing!

    There are various options for salads and you can actually have a look at those at the counter before you place an order (for those who dont like surprises and really like to see what they would be eating). I did a combination of Raw Zucchini (their best seller) and Quinoa Salad which wasn’t on the menu at the time.

    One thing that I specifically liked about Ova and highly recommend is the desserts – Everything’s great on the menu!My favorites would be the Organic cocoa marble and the ginger coconut parfait! The raw mango cheesecake is great too and apparently sells the best. I should be going back for some more dessert fairly soon.

    I suggest the best time to go there would be between 5-6. Its nice and chilly with not too much sun on you.

  5. Ipsom says:

    We need more restaurants like this in Kuwait! I think this is only the second vegan restaurant in Kuwait.

  6. KK says:

    Is it really vegan/vegetarian if they serve meat? I get that it’s a very limited amount of meat dishes but the point stands. Meat issue aside, would it not be a vegetarian restaurant if they serve non-vegan dishes that include dairy? Why label yourself vegan if you have non-vegan dishes?

    Vegan restaurant = all vegan
    Vegetarian restaurant = all vegetarian + vegan
    Restaurant = Meat + vegetarian + vegan

    • Liz says:

      Because “vegan” and “vegetarian” are used as BUZZ words for marketing. It’s ridiculous.
      I couldn’t agree more. Let’s call Salad Boutique vegetarian because they serve green stuff.

      Best VEGETARIAN is definitely Udupi because it is authentic and delicious. But also probably unhealthy as shit, and I don’t care.

      • Udupi is not unhealthy. Its sambar (veg stew), dal (lentils), avial (coconut curry) and other veg dishes are all very nutritious!

        But I totally agree with you that this tactic which is known as greenwashing is a little scheme-y. I’m still glad they opened the place up and its food does look good.

        I do prefer Eastern vegetarian dishes that are hundreds, even thousands, of years old to Western vegetarianism, which is unfortunately greatly overshadowing it.

        • Liz says:

          Sorry, by unhealthy I mean in terms of being calorie rich. I only get the Masala Dosa and hella oilly.

          It’s actually crazy how many people don’t realize where vegetarianism stems from. U was one of the ignorant who related it to fit, blonde, Californian juice pushers.

          • Mangolore Masala Dosa isn’t as oily as people sometimes think it is.

            There is a gulf of difference between ancient Eastern vegetarianism (South Asian, Orthodox Ethiopian during Lent) and Western vegetarianism which, as you’ve mentioned, has been made a mockery of by L.A.’s vapid culture.

            I’ve been a vegetarian for over five years now and I’ve been to many countries who’ve been practicing vegetarianism for centuries.

            I assure you I’m not ignorant when it comes to this but thank you for the insult, hope it made you feel good about yourself.

      • Dil Siri says:

        Absolutely agree with you on that ,
        You can’t call vege /vegan with meat dishes .
        I worry my food (I’m vegan ) touch with meat shated utensils ..

        Hoping they get rid of the meat completely since restaurant call vege /vegan
        Adding meat tarnishing the , concept .
        We need no part of cruelty period !!

  7. DeViL says:

    There is an oVo in Salmiya also off Baghdad street, shaky … zoomed in … night pic, just clicked


  8. iris says:

    I definitely recommend this to my friends! Thanks for featuring a nice and healthy restaurant like OVO 😊

  9. amracer says:

    Good to have healthy food alternative. wish everyone who has and willing to open business in Kuwait all the best.

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