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New Restaurant: Healthy Feast


Healthy Feast is a new restaurant that soft launched last week. As you can tell from the name, it’s a healthy restaurant and they pride themselves in having fresh, locally grown, organic and gluten free dishes. Even their menu starts off with the following introduction:

We support local, organic and sustainable practices wherever possible. Our menu is always changing according to what is available and seasonal. This is today’s menu:

So right off the bat I was pretty excited to try out their dishes.


The restaurant is located in Bneid Al Gar and although the exterior doesn’t look like much the interior is very cute and bright with lots of natural daylight coming in. The walls were rough and painted white with natural wood being used everywhere. I would have taken a photo but a couple of tables were already occupied so I couldn’t. Once I sat down I was given the menu and after going through it I decided to go with the following:

Raw zucchini with almond thai dressing KD1.950
Pumpkin & avocado maki roll, with beet brown rice KD2.500
Root vegetables in curried lemongrass coconut milk KD3.500
Green Wellness juice: spinach, cucumber, apple, celery and lemon KD1.850

While waiting for my dishes I was also served a complimentary bowl of cheesy kale chips which usually costs KD1.500.


The first dish to arrive was my raw zucchini which looked like a small bowl of spaghetti. This dish completely caught me by surprise since it was so full of flavor. It tasted like an intricate starter I would have at a Japanese restaurant and I loved it (I later found out the chef was Japanese). The second dish I was served were the maki rolls. They were also pretty good although I was worried they would fill me up before my main dish arrived. I really wish they had chopsticks though since my first two dishes could have used them. When I asked the waitress for chopsticks she went into the kitchen and came back and told me the Japanese chef said I should use my fingers. I thought that was a hilarious soup nazi moment and proceeded to eat the rolls with my fingers, I had no problem with that. Once I was done with the rolls I was served the curry bowl. For the curry bowl I had three choices for the base, cauliflower rice, brown rice or quinoa. I went with quinoa although I haven’t been having quinoa for awhile now since I’m so over it. But, the curry was so flavorful and delicious I don’t think it would have mattered if I had gone with quinoa or any of the other rice options.


It’s a new restaurant, I ordered three completely new dishes I hadn’t tried before and I ended up loving all three. The chances of that happening are pretty rare which is why I fell in love with the place. It kind feels like an evolution to Gia or what Gia should have become. I did have two minor issues though. The first was with my juice, it was served in a beaker but it was filled less than half way which made it look like either someone had already drank from it or they had run out of juice while filling it up. The second thing is the lack of chopsticks. Again it’s not a big issue but two out of the three dishes I had were Japanese like and my guess is there are more dishes like that on the menu so why not have chopsticks as well?


In any case as I said I loved the place and I’m actually going back for lunch today. Healthy Feast is located in Bneid Al Gar and right now they’re open daily except for Sundays from 2PM to 7PM. Here is a link to their instagram account @healthy_feast and here is their location on [Google Maps]

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The owners themselves fit into that category. According to my friend Chisato, Anime fan boys are derogatorily called “Utakus” in Japan which translates to “dumb Anime geeks”.

Most Japanese people are not fans of foreigners who obsess over Anime. They especially HATE it when these foreigners assume that because they’re Japanese, they must love Anime which is far from the truth.

I’ve actually heard great things about the curry place but haven’t had the chance to go to it since I don’t live in Kuwait most of the year. Hoping to go to both this summer!

I’m sorry this might burst the hippies bubble.

I will never buy into this crap for the following reasons:

1. Overpriced

2.Crappy veggies with a fancy name, when its just…crappy veggies on a fancy plate

3. Gluten free, organic. Please I’m certain 90% of the people that buy into it don’t know what the hell they are buying into

4. I believe it’s a scam, you overpay for eating goat food where I can buy x100 and store it at home the same price with the same ingredients would cost me the same amount. You could probably buy a years worth of that veggie crap store it and make it 365 days a year at the price of a meal at this overly priced goat restaurant.

5. Hippes just want to feel like a special snowflake and want to treat your body as a “temple” the people who buy into this are probably the people that don’t believe in vaccinations. Probably the same type of people who say Namaste and look like an American trying to fit into a Samurai culture.


Sorry It Had To Be Said.

A lot of girls who probably have been out of Kuwait studying and want to implement their, “HEALTHY KNOWLEDGE” and keep repeating “you know, like”, and California life style <3

Yours Truly,


Although I do agree that Kuwait and many Middle Eastern countries are experiencing a very recent wave of ” Western Greenwashing” which is the appropriation of a pro-environmental image in order to deceptively sell a product, I don’t understand why you’re so angry and abrasive.

Live & let live. They’re not hurting anyone.

If anything, what they’re doing is a step in the right direction, what they’re doing is ultimately good for the planet.

Chillax & Namaskar! 🙂

I personally don’t care if it’s organic or gluten free, all I care about is the fact the food isn’t fried and covered in mayonnaise. At least I can go there eat whatever I want and leave not feeling guilty or like I need to fall into a coma.

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