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Palm Palace Demolished

Although I haven’t been to Palm Palace restaurant in Salmiya since the 90s, it is pretty sad seeing it getting demolished. They’ve been around since 1979 and they were located next to my home so I grew up right next to them. I actually wanted to go back to it for nostalgic reasons but never did and now it’s too late. Actually, I just realized the last time I was there I think was in the early 2000s? I remember a friend had just gotten the first Nokia with the camera and he was showing it to me there.

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They posted 4 days ago. It is in Arabic but i imagine they are saying thank you to their customers. looks like its a goodbye.

The food and service had been steadily declining……. Land probably had gotten valuable and owners were given an offer they couldn’t refuse…… expect a 20 story building there in 2 years

I found this out during Eid when we wanted to go there, I called to see if we needed to make a reservation, that’s when he told us that the day we called was the last day of business. I didn’t believe it until now, that place was a hangout for us back in 2004 when I first arrived to Kuwait. Sadly everything is disappearing, I feel as if I need to photos of everything old, it seems like there won’t be a physical past, only our memories

My parents once tried eating there back in ‘93 but didn’t go when they saw large amounts of street cats roaming around the outdoor seating area.

Haram. A lot of memories there over the years dating back to 1994. Out with the old & cool in with the new & lame

The memories.. Yea for me it’s been “oh I remember my parents taking me here” whenever I pass by.

And just like that, it is gone. Together with Beirut – the fashion store, a huge dollop of history stands erased today

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