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PEKO PEKO – Japanese Eatery

PEKO PEKO is a new restaurant that opened up this past weekend and it’s one I had been waiting to open for a few months now. That’s because PEKO PEKO used to be called RAW before they closed down this past Ramadan for renovations. RAW was one of my favorite sushi places and so I was disappointed they had closed down but also curious to see what they were going to open up instead. The chef is the very talented Abdullah AlYaqout so I knew whatever he was cooking up was going to be interesting.

While RAW was a purely Japanese eatery, PEKO PEKO is a Japanese eatery but with East Asian influences. What this means is you’ll find more than just your typical sushi on the menu. With so many sushi places in Kuwait and some really good ones, they probably realized that they had to do something different to stick out and I think they did a pretty good job based on what I tried. The menu I had was the tasting menu and so was fairly limited and didn’t include the prices, but I pretty much liked 8 out of the 10 or so dishes I tried.

I’ll be heading back there this week again to try their full menu and maybe post about the place properly, but for now, if you’re looking for a new restaurant to try then check them out. They’re in their soft launch phase so they’re currently open only from 6PM to 10PM (but daily). For pictures and a link to their location, check out their instagram @eatpekopeko

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“With so many sushi places in Kuwait and some really good ones”
Can you please name a few?
Most of the Sushi restaurants are specialized in 2 or 3 items and the rest of the items on the menu lack taste.
I’m still looking for a nice sushi place with good food, nice atmosphere and don’t have to pay a fortune.

White Robata, Kei, Ora, Edo. But… expect to pay a fortune. If you want cheap sushi then check out Joa, that’s my favorite Netflix and Sushi option.

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