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Post by Mark

Living in Kuwait there are two kinds of dealers every person needs, a Munchos dealer and a mango dealer. My mango guy is like the best mango dealer in Kuwait, been using him for over 6 years now and he really does import the best mangoes into Kuwait. Every year when Alphonso season is about to start he sends out a message to all his customers letting them know that he’s getting a shipment and to message him if they’re interested in a box. Well I got that message yesterday, his first shipment of mangos is arriving end of this month and pre-orders are now open. A box costs KD11 and includes a dozen mangos. So if you love mangos, you can contact him on whatsapp at 99880008 or on instagram @gourmetmangos.

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  1. ahmed says:

    12 mangos for 11 kd ?
    i dont do the groceries usually, but i think this is quite steep eh

  2. Samuel says:

    Where are the alphonso mangoes from, are they from India?

  3. BlarneyBob says:

    I can vividly remember myself buying a box of mangoes from Shuwaikh for 2 to 2.5kd.

    Now, I buy mangoes for like 500 fils per kilo!

    • Mark says:

      you can find mangos at all prices like everything else, so you can get a box for 2.5, you can get a box for 5 and you can get a box for 10. they’re from different suppliers, different brands, different sizes, different quality etc..

      • BlarneyBob says:

        If that 11kd-per-box of Alphonso is your ultimate basis for the greatest, all I’m saying is that I can have a 500fils-per-kilo on a mango that has superior degree of brix rating.

        But since you are in Kuwait, I understand that your best option is indeed Alphonso :-)

  4. Alphanso says:

    Where are they from?

  5. ahmad says:

    i understand that you say it is a good brand and a tasty but wow this price for a dozen? been over 20 years and my family bring mangoes from (CHABRA) and they taste as good as this (yes i tried them)for much less price :D
    anyway bon appetite

  6. Jay says:

    KD 11 for a dozen mangoes definitely sounds like a rip off. Alphonso mangoes are the most over rated. The best ever are a variety called Chausa that comes late in the season- around June or July and is not very freely available. Still not half as expensive

    • Mark says:

      Expensive yes I agree, but why do you think it’s a ripoff?

      • SMathew says:

        Cause Mangoes will never cost 11 bucks a dozen… Alphonso’s are widely available in India during season and your easily paying at least triple the rate buddy

        • Mark says:

          just because you can buy mangos for half the price doesn’t mean that one that costs double is a ripoff, it means its expensive. A Mercedes isn’t a ripoff because you can get a corolla for the 1/4th of the price, it’s just expensive. Now if these mangos cost KD11 but someone else was selling the same ones for KD20 then that would be a ripoff.

          • Jm says:

            Exactly……. the same ones (Indian alphonso) are being sold for 5kd at chapra and co-ops so it’s a rip off because you are paying more than double.
            p.s how much r u buying the munchos for??

            • Mark says:

              Well you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about since you think there is only one kind of Alphonso mango. Thats like saying all coffee is the same… Alphonso is one kind of mango but its grown in different parts of west india on different farms and they come in different sizes and quality.

          • alester says:

            Its a complete waste of money if your asking me or literally anyone. And they was you used a Mercedes and corolla comparison is the worst comparison you could use cause the merc for sure is a better equipped and a more of a luxury car than a daily driver that you can thrash around and not care. All that I’m saying is paying so much for a dozen mangoes is ridicules when you can get the same for a like half the price but there may be little difference.

            • Mark says:

              You can’t get the same for half the price, you can get other mangoes for half the price yeah but like you said, there will be a little difference.

    • Cajie says:

      This is for the fresh batch. The prices go down as the supply increases.

  7. Navin says:


  8. meshal alawadhi says:

    i always buy the indian alphonso mangoes from alsulibia fruit center (chubra).. when the season start they sale it from 3 to 4kd per a box. i never get disappointment by the taste.

  9. Ali says:

    There’s a shop in Kuwait City, in the vicinity of the mosque round about, where they sell a box of premium Pakistani Chaunsa mangoes (6 fruits) for 3 KD. And they are like something from heaven!

  10. Jay says:

    When they are available, I would get you some Chausa mangoes. They are THE BEST ever

  11. Hamad says:

    Our Indian driver is our supplier haha xD

  12. Guru Hegde says:

    There is a reason why Alphonso mango are called as the king of mangoes, although I agree it’s a over rated and there are many other varieties which may be more tastier. Alphonso still holds among the top exported mangoes from India. The top breeds are from Ratnagiri and Raigad, a good box of high breed Alphonso cost roughly around 1000-1500 Indian Rupees in Mumbai. Check the currency conversion, shipment and other document charges and compare it to what you pay here.

  13. david black says:

    Best mangoes are from Pakistan and india

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