Price of a Grande Latte in Kuwait compared to rest of the world

Post by Mark

The Wall Street Journal released a chart showing the price of the Starbucks Grande Latte in various cities around the world. The most expensive location to get one turned out to be Oslo where the price of the Grande Latte was around KD2.800. I was curious to see how Kuwait faired so I passed by Starbucks and checked the price. A Grande Latte in Kuwait is KD1.250 and when I converted that to US Dollars using the NBK website, it turned out to be $4.38. That is the same price as a Grande Latte in Dublin. [Article]

Update: I just found out the price of the Grande Latte is actually KD1.500 which translates to $5.25 and puts the price higher up the list. The Starbucks I visited in the morning was located at the NBK head office and I guess that Starbucks has cheaper prices hence the KD1.250 I was quoted. Below is the updated chart.

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  1. Dougmacho says:

    in a way it comes out a little cheaper if you factor in a tip in the states.

  2. Tariq says:

    I cannot recal the exact price that I paid last year November when I was in Dubai, but I still remeber making the calculation and, SHOCKINGLY, a Grande Latte in Dubai was CHEAPER than in Kuwait by a fair margin. WHY?????

    • ahmed says:

      You also get free wi-fi.

    • Salman's PR agent says:

      because people here are willing to pay. The will probably still pay even if you double that price.

      The people of Dubai have better sense of money (just compare kuwait’s consumer habits to theirs). Heck, even a ROCK has a better sense of money than kuwaitis.

      Kuwait, you had all the money you could possibly want, and you wasted it all. You wasted it in needless trips abroad, you wasted it on unnecessary expensive junk, you even wasted it on forign goods when locally produced alternatives are/were available.

      You deserve everything that’s happening to you, and everything that will happen. I just hope you have a good excuse prepared for your children when they ask you what happened to all the wealth you had.

      You have exhausted what little sympathy I had for you.

      Of course, you still have a chance to change; oil hasn’t run out or lost it’s value yet. However, you won’t take that chance, will you.

      • aaa says:

        The “People of Dubai” are 90% foreigners

        • Salman's PR agent says:

          just go into any mall and ask the stores about the remaining 10%. From what I can tell, this ‘spending’ stupidity is unique to kuwait.

          • aaa says:

            They don’t go into UAE malls because they don’t want to mix with foreigners in front of their families. You’ll still see them spend money on stupid things in London :)

            • Salman's PR agent says:

              For arguments sake, let’s assume that the emaraties have a spending problem twice as worse. Does that make it okay for kuwaities (or anyone else) to behave similarly?

              My point still stands, kuwait as a society and a country had an unprecedented, unparalleled chance to forge an solid economy, industrialize and diversify its income sources, and raise its rank just as many new “first” world countries have.

              Yet kuwait blew it. It chose starbucks, mcdonalds, and designer bags instead.

              It’s tragic.

        • BBB says:

          Dubai is 68% Indian and they just wonder around Dubai Mall looking for free entertainment and eating cheaply in the food court. Yes, I know there are ‘some’ successful Indians in Dubai, but if you analyze the new SKYVIEW EMAAR project, most the buyers of that property were from the subcontinent and they are speculators who will try to flip the property as fast as they can because they can’t even afford the next installment payment, hence, the crash of 2008. I wouldn’t say that Dubai is 90% foreign, but the Emiraties are definately outnumbered and I would suggest that quickly implement ‘quotos’ because the effort they have to put in place to chase most of these foreigners with their shady tricks, is it really worth it Dubai? I could go on and on about the problems that cause that you Kuwait would not even believe, it’s the mindset.

  3. 3azeez says:

    What you must also highlight that business in Kuwait get free electricity and water (residential get subsidized), operate all their business free of tax, receive for their employees free government healthcare, enjoy subsidized petrol, cheap public transport, and umm… I don’t remember whet else but I’m sure the list can go on and on.

    So I wonder, why is Kuwait in the middle of that list…
    and why when you go to star bucks they tend to trick Kuwaitis into buying triple or quadruplet the price by tricking them into adding extras into the drink?

    • aaa says:

      Did you click the article?

      “It should take more dollars to buy a latte in a country with a strong currency”

    • heeeeelllllllppppp says:

      why do all in here feel that this is the best place on earth to live and still they are cheated everywhere

      • 3azeez says:

        Because it is my country, it is where my home and family are. Yes we are being cheated and ripped off everywhere. This has only started in recent years. Why leave if we can change it?

    • mentabolism says:

      So Kuwait is a great place to start a business!!

  4. Hielda says:

    India… Here I come!

  5. me says:

    Mark, can you adjust it to take into consideration the minimum wages in each country?
    So for example with KD 1,500 proposed minimum in Kuwait (roughly $ 5,300) could buy you 1,210 Lattes per month Vs a minimum wage of around $ 1,800 in the US which could buy around 507 Lattes.

  6. ftf says:

    the grande lattee isnt 1.250 !!!!!!

  7. Joe says:

    Isn’t a tall latte 1.250 and grande 1.500?

  8. Faisal says:

    The difference is that in kuwait you are charged for caramel charged for whip cream charged for basically everything other than the straw. in the states, they do not charge for these kinds of things. try comparing prices with creme and caramel

  9. Rafeek says:

    WOOHOO! $2.6 here in Egypt. I don’t Starbucks aslan but whatever.

    In your face INDIA!

  10. Husain says:

    Well in most of the Citi’s there are TAX’s but here there is no TAX than also they are charging huge amount of money well they(Company) here is making lot of money (Profit) out of Starbucks.

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