Racist or Not?

Post by Mark

A reader emailed me regarding this China Garden ad that appeared in the latest Bazaar’s Dining Guide. Him and his friends found it very offensive. What do you think?

Do you find this ad racist or not?

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  1. Toot says:

    They could have easily gotten an actual Chinese person to wear a ghutra and dishdash and gotten the same message across without the racist undertones.

  2. An OilField Engr! says:

    lol… how could one think of such an ad..!?
    it seems creativity is diminishing in Kuwait :P

    • Gilbert says:

      I don’t think creativity in Kuwait is diminishing.. We have a bunch of great ad agencies here with real talented and creative people (Mark for one could attest to that) It’s more of a collection of different input from both client and agency side, a co-creation sort of thing.

  3. Anon says:

    I personaly don’t see a big issue here, so what if they put an ad like that. Its an AD… and a funny one imho. lol

  4. B says:

    I really want to understand how people preceive this as a racist ad? If people actually take the time to read about the restuarants history you will come to understand its a Kuwaiti business so putting “a chinese wearing a ghutra” will not send the right message across.
    I find it very creative and amusing.. At least its something different then the typical stereotype ads we see in Kuwait!

  5. I’m sorry but Hahahaha! That’s so funny but a major fail. It seems only socially acceptable to poke fun at Caucasians today in the media and ads. It’s like it’s okay to go after us but everyone else is off limits. People need to lighten up and have a sense of humor when the intent isn’t malicious.

    • Patrick says:

      So it’s okay to be racist as long as it’s not malicious? So is it okay to make monkey gestures at black people? It’s not malicious right?

    • D. says:

      Okay then.
      1) Please show me where, in the definition of racism, “malicious intent” is required. If I step on your foot by accident, does it mean your foot wasn’t stepped on because I didn’t mean to do it?
      2) While you’re at it, please show me where its being an ad means it can’t be racist (this also applies to books, music, tv shows, movies etc.).
      3) To all the people insisting it’s not racist: How many of you are Chinese? I’ve got a very strong feeling the answer is zero.
      4) For all the people insisting it’s funny, I actually pity you for having such a dull sense of humor. This crap is old and unoriginal.
      5) Monolids are not exclusive to Chinese people nor are they necessarily a feature of them. There are so many better ways to convey that someone is Chinese. This is just lazy.

      • D. says:

        Oops, that wasn’t mean to go here, but my point still stands. Also, I love how your only justification is “They do it to us too!”

        I’ve yet to see the features of white people be widely mocked, but do please continue to pretend that your non-existent oppression is on par with crap like this.

    • SOS says:

      Where are Caucasians being made fun of?

  6. I’m sorry but Hahahaha! That’s so funny but a major fail. It seems only socially acceptable to poke fun at Caucasians today in the media and ads. It’s like it’s okay to go after us but everyone else is off limits. People need to lighten up and have a sense of humor when the intent isn’t malicious.

    • aaa says:

      White people run the world, it’s more acceptable to make fun of those in positions of power. Romney making fun of poor people lost him votes, someone can make fun of rich people and it’s considered a joke.

    • WTF says:

      I think I agree with you, from my time in the USA it was ok to poke fun at the white man, especially blatant racism from minorities such as blacks calling them cracker, honkey, etc.

      Yet you cannot whisper a joke regarding these same minorities. This was not malicious, slightly offensive in a indirect way. I don’t believe the intent of this business and the agency that produced this advertising to be offensive. Lets just chalk it up to Kuwaiti naivety.

  7. Rampurple says:

    With service as horrible as theirs, I’m not surprised they’d release such an ad!

  8. S says:

    I honestly don’t know why people have to make everything into a big deal. It’s just an ad and no it’s not rascist.

  9. Buzz says:

    Not only is it racist, but also stupid and visually offensive. Does looking at this guy’s face make you want to eat any food? Barf.

  10. Tata Botata says:

    I love how completely racist this ad is, yet they try to show they care about the environment (see recycling icon on the top right corner).

    It’s like … they stand for something, ya know?

  11. L says:

    You guys should seriously calm down, its an ad! And to be honest, its more creative than all the other ads here in kuwait. It just shows that its a chinese rest. which is a kuwaiti business, but apparently u guys are too close minded to “think out of the box” and bkh9ooo9 ely they are complaining about their service, i doubt you’ll ever find a togo chinese rest. half as good as china garden! So stop complaining about the ad, and appriciate the fact that they have good food.

    • desert sky says:

      You had me at “creative” It’s anything but creative.

      • L says:

        Then what do u call creative? Enlighten me please :)

        • Alia says:

          Oh my GOD “L”. You can’t possibly be serious. Or are you one of those people who just defends for the sake of defending? I have dear Chinese friends here in Kuwait, they have seen the ad and are offended. I think this is one of the laziest, most childish advertisements that could possibly be out there. Forget about racism – and it’s obviously in your face racist – it’s sloppy.

          • Andy says:

            So, let me get this right, you aren’t Chinese but you feel able to comment that the ad is not insulting or racist to Chinese. If you don’t actively fight racist stereotyping of ANY kind than you yourself are racist and deserve to be treated as one…

    • Tata Botata says:

      Someone taking the comments way too personally, Mr. L?

      • L says:

        Mu 3an personally, its sad seeing a great kuwaiti business getting trashed online! U say kuwaities should get up and do something useful, and now thats how u support them? Wow

        • Tata Botata says:

          Dude, don’t wow me. You’re the one who’s on the wrong side of history on this issue.

          • Alia says:

            Why “trashed online”? Come one, this is a discussion of free opinions here. Why just defend Kuwaities just because they are Kuwaities? Ra-ra go-go Kuwaities? Even when they screw up? They are plain old people who goof up and make stupid (some heinously stupid) mistakes just like everyone else. Call it like it is if that’s how you see it. Stupid is as stupid does. This ad is stupid. I’m not trashing any Kuwaiti business, I’m trashing the dumbass who approved this discriminatory, racist, and embarrassing ad.

    • The Real Burhan says:

      Umm, not its not – have you seen the ads that Wataniya is putting out? Really something creative and unique. I really like their campaigns.

      Zain’s video campaigns are good, their billboards – not so much.

      Didn’t get the whole “harnessing the power of speed” thing till I happened to see the complete ad play at one of their locations (which was quite hilarious).

      Also, unless you are Chinese, you can’t judge if its racist or not. Just because its not racist to “you”, doesn’t mean it is not offensive to them.

      If this were placed in the US, for sure they would have been sued into oblivion.

      • L says:

        Theres a big difference between Wataniya and Zain and a small kuwaiti business. And we’re not in the US

        • Nick Diaz says:

          Yeah and if you dont like it, you know where the airport is, right L? lol this comment section was missing a “gtfo of kuwait” comment so there ya go. Where you at george? I took those kicks from condit and dint get tko loser.

    • Rampurple says:

      Actually I can list a whole bunch of Chinese restaurants in Kuwait… including the hole in the wall places that have better food. As for their service it was the worst experience I have ever had.

      As for “think out of the box” please enlighten us how this ad does that? OR how this ad is considered a success? What is the objective of the ad?

      You sound like you own the place or a friend does… if so, my complaint was taken in by management. Check out my case and tell me if the same happened with you, would you ever order from the same place again?

  12. Tata Botata says:

    I love how all the pro-racism commentators are only using Anonymous or their initials, except for that dum dum girl.

    Denial much?

  13. Dum is paying 22KD for your t-shirts. Looool! Have u sold any? Hahahaha!

  14. 3123 says:

    how(in anyway) is this ad offensive?
    btw, i agree with L. way better than senseless commercials.

  15. S says:

    I saw this the other day and was surprised and somewhat disgusted. When I was a child and pulled such a face my parents would tell me off. Adults creating this ad?! Seems rather odd and out of place, I guess it depends on how a person is raised. It obviously represents a lack of basic moral values

  16. kernowboy says:

    A professional footballer in UK, after being baited and taunted in twitter, told the offender to “go back to your own country”.
    For that, he is now being investigated by the police for his racist comment.
    Some people on here don’t know what racism is. Not in this particular column, but in many others on this blog, you can read the same thing written by the citizens of this fair and equal country (usually to expats who haven’t been treated fairly).
    You can’t comment on whether something is racist or not if you don’t even know what racism is in the first place.

  17. FFW says:

    For those who don’t think this is racist, imagine a Chinese guy in the picture feeding kebabs to a camel or cooking in the desert wearing a dishdasha.

    Obviously to a non-asian it’s funny but to an Asian it’s racist.

  18. FF says:

    Thats not racism, thats china garden embracing their culture! everyone shud be proud of who they are anyway!

    After all, chinese people do look like that :)

  19. B says:

    Yes because tata botata is very reflective of ur name and “personality” loooooooool go dig a hole and hide ur face in it

  20. FF says:

    “fakir ana 5of” is racist but no one actually commented on that because it was such a funny ad.. but the truth is we are making fun of them, their dancing, their exaggerated moves and so on…

    Mrbabu.com is also racist but no one commented why? A major online store with their motto being “Its easier with me, Boss” and an indian driver as their logo is even worse.

    stop acting like you are disgusted, everything around you is racist.. but the truth is we point out the weak ones and support the strong ones.

  21. fwaz says:

    Offensive and very stupid

  22. nichola says:

    so what we have to say about ths AD. it is racist and poor Chinese people look hw they appeared n ths AD. , plz people dnt b ridiculous

    what is nt true n ths AD , there eyes dnt look like ths , most of afican people r nt black !

    in general ths is AD. for Chinese rest. and they dnt make jokes on them

  23. Jehon Shwie says:

    This is a very personal point of view, that is because I am half Kuwaiti half Chinese myself graduated from NES 05′ studied Diploma political science in Yale University 08′ and currently and getting my Bachelors from University of Pennsylvania in Criminal Justice. This ad is very racist to the Chinese community in Kuwait and if not the arabian region, if they saw this there is no doubt that it will face a lawsuit for harassment. I can tell that this poster have not been passed by any proper advertisement company. If it did they do not have any legal forms or they have not assigned a rules and regulations.

    I will be contacting you personally Mark, to discuss this issue.

    Kind Regards,
    Jehon Y. Shwie

  24. Rehab says:

    The only time someone would stretch their eye is to make fun of Chinese. And Yes he is making fun apart from ad…

  25. Noora says:


    A similar ad was in Dubai and made it on Gawker for being racist. The guy in the Kuwaiti ad looks like he’s mocking them which is worse.

    This ad is not creative AT ALL (and I’m sure those of you in the industry would agree). “It’s just an ad” isn’t an excuse to promote racism.

  26. Ahmed says:

    They could have asked one of many Chinese hookers in Mahboola to pose for the ad, of course, for the right price#$%$$

    • Nick Diaz says:

      Thank you sir for that valuable slice of intel. I shall now enter my vehicle and drive around Mahboola. Please let me know which of them hookers u recommend too. Good day

  27. lulz says:

    Is this ad racist? Obviously it is, but so was Qualitynet’s singing dancing Indian commercial as well as many others. Kuwait hasn’t yet developed that sense of hypersensitivity to racial issues that you’d find in a multicultural society like America for example. But we ARE hypersensitive to religious and sectarian issues because that’s what’s relevant locally. We don’t have a sizable population of Kuwaiti Indians or Kuwaiti Chinese, so the seemingly obvious problem with an ad like this goes completely unnoticed.

    Am I offended? I don’t know, offended is a strong word. Personally, I don’t even get offended by a white comedian poking fun at Arabs, as long it’s reasonably clear that he’s just doing a bit. It’d be hard for me to tell you with a straight face that I’m genuinely offended from the depth of my soul. When most people say they’re offended over stuff like this it’s usually just going through the motions. I don’t think there’s any belligerent intentions behind the ad, BUT it’s obviously racist and distasteful. So there’s my 2 cents.

  28. Ali says:

    Racist and extremely disgraceful.

  29. Patrick says:

    I actually really like the food at China Garden, but this… not so much. I enjoy supporting local businesses but they should know better than this, especially since the owners are supposed to be educated.

  30. dude says:

    I think the Qnet ad and the Mr Babu website are a LOT more racist than this ad which is actually funny and light hearted.People need to chill out and take things in their correct context. Obviously, they didnt mean to insult chinese people so no harm done. I just looked at the ad again cracked up again, so the ad worked. I think Im going to order lunch from there as well, so it REALLY worked for me :)

  31. sooli says:

    racist. and I agree with everything tatabotata said above, including the side comments.

  32. sooli says:

    also, i remember a while back when bollywood actors made a song about the khaleejis they wore ghutra and dishdashas and were on camels, everybody here were like ” hatha eli naqe9! hnood ye6anezon 3alaina!!” so, obviously when its the other way around ( like the advert above) people here will be like ” no 3ady they are just being funny”

  33. ali says:

    This add is just a reflection of how oblivious Kuwaitis are with whats going on in the world, they do not take racism seriously. We boss treat Indians or any other foreigner like slaves in. Its only when we travel we behave, disgusting.

  34. Valerie says:

    Wow! An add like this in 2013?! This is the creativity someone came up with?? … I find it extremely uncivilized and distasteful — much like Expat’s defense of it. How disappointing, but not surprising.

    Sadly, this restaurant will never get my business again; we made a large order from there for a staff luncheon, but never again.

    This country has a serious and blatant issue with racism — and it’s to get it sorted, not perpetuated in a food print add!

    • dude says:

      yeah right. Like you dont have a KD 80 maid at home just like everyone else…

      • Patrick says:

        Having a maid isn’t being racist… (it’s how you treat them)

        • dude says:

          Taking advantage of poor people and paying them less than whats ‘fair’ and whats right is worse than being racist.I’ll bet you most of the people commenting here have no qualms about paying their maids shitty salaries just because they can,yet are outraged by a harmless ad that might be considered in poor taste, but definitely nothing ‘racist’ about it…

          • Patrick says:

            I was referring to the general notion of having a maid. Treating them poorly also includes paying them bad salaries. I wont comment about most people leaving their opinions here since I don’t know them.

            I suppose it depends what you consider what “racism” is.

            I consider this racist, like a white guy painting his face black + pretending to be black is. It’s like you’re poking fun of an entire race. Maybe between friends in private, it’s okay to do, but as an ad in a popular publication. It’s in poor poor taste.

            • Andy says:

              I don’t have a maid because I can wash and clean things myself. It certainly is 100% racist if different races are paid different money for the same job or someone is treated as a slave (given food and accommodation and a minimum living wage).

  35. Valerie says:

    *time to get it sorted

  36. Mahmood says:

    I vote funny

  37. Alia says:

    Shame on the silly immature advertising company that created this ad.

  38. Yousef says:

    I honestly don’t see the racism in this ad some are talking about.
    This ad does not suggest that the Chinese are any less than anyother race!!
    In the “civilized” world not only r all the races casually reffered to on all sort of media but comedy shows do that on regular basis to the sheer enjoyment of those same races! what we need to become is a lot less politically sensitive while takeing life a lot less serious.

  39. Yousef says:

    In a completely and obviously different context Zack, this is an ad for “Chinese” food, can’t have Mexican reference with say a sombrero otherwise it becomes an ad for Mexican food!

  40. Blink says:

    That’s kind of similar to putting a witches nose on your face and saying “Hey, I’m arab!” It’s offensive.

  41. mohammed says:

    @Mark the the title of this post is what I find most disturbing.

  42. baderb says:

    I think we’ve come too politicly correct!

    the point here wasn’t to offend any one but just to be “funny”. I personally don’t find it funny but I’m not offended

    those who find this offensive should lighten up

    • jimminy says:

      dude NOBODY in kuwait has become too politically correct. eslwhere maybe but first we need to get to the point where we are NOT racist and then worry about being overly politically correct. Where Kuwait is right now, its just racist!

  43. KTDP says:

    My problem isn’t with whether or not it’s racist. The problem I have with the ad is that it’s not very smart. I don’t think alot of effort was put into the idea.

  44. ali says:

    The advert isn’t about offending you ” whoever talked about being offended ” its about not offending Chinese people, you do not know what they think, and I think most of the people on here do not know what is the difference between stereotyping and racism. Stereotype is when you put a black guy with bucket of chicken wings! on a KFC advert, this is not racist but a stereotype as most people think black people always eat chicken wings. Racism is when you insult their RACE, like the advert above.

  45. Ahmad Alansari says:

    The ad is NOT racist. Its humorous. Stop the sensitivity. The levelvof hypocracy here is disgusting. I think the comments are way more offensive than the subject. Come on people! Ridiculous!

  46. TweeZ says:

    i think Qualitynet’s fakir ana khoof ad was more racist then this….

  47. Bogi says:

    Regards of yes or no. The marketing for this worked, which means it served the purpose.

  48. Alex Peterson says:

    No issue here. A creative ad that did better than expected. Any racist remarks should be dropped. Simply idiotic comments.

  49. Nathan says:

    Wow look at all the people here who think this isn’t offensive.

    This. This is why Arabs get a bad name. Because they don’t know what is acceptable and what isn’t.

  50. Matt says:

    I find hyper-sensitive people offensive.

  51. dude says:

    I think most of you people dont really understand what racism is.This ad might be considered to be in poor taste (to some people) but its not racist. If it was racist it would be making fun of chinese people which it didnt, and it would indicate treatment of chinese people in a biased way,which it doesnt.

    Actually, how can the owners be considered racist when they are promoting non kuwaiti food in kuwait?

  52. Tim says:

    Personally, I’m sick and tired of always being careful of what I say so as not to offend one group or another. Have humans become so sensitive that every little perceived slight requires a lawsuit or slam in the media? Are we that petty now?

    Some of the best comedy I’ve ever watched or heard would be considered racist if it wasn’t for the fact that it was a black dude making fun of white people. I’m white and it was funny!! I didn’t get offended by it. Frankly, I could care less what people REALLY feel about me or say about my race. It just doesn’t bother me.

    Pretty soon, the thought and speak police will be monitoring every communication medium so they can fine us all for offending someone we’ve never met in some country we’ve never been to. Welcome to political correctness XTREME!!

    • aaa says:

      I agree but a black comedian making fun of white people is inherently different than a white comedian making fun of black people, just because of the history behind it and the implications a white guy making fun of black people holds. (In the US at least)

      • Tim says:

        True but, IMO, it should not be. No one in the US has owned a black slave in over a century. My family, like most, never owned slaves becasue we were too poor and probably worked in the fields right beside them. Every nationality has owned, traded, or somehow been involved in slavery. Without exception!! But for some reason, white Americans are held to some kind of standard that no one else is. Frankly, I’m sick of it!!

        • jimminy says:

          yeah but you probably still have populations in the country that are incredibly racist which means that slavery mentality hasnt left the nation yet! hence its still not okay to be racist to blacks. and a century isnt really that long when you consider it was a few generations ago

  53. Chan Lee says:

    I read all of your comments with a smile on my face. I am chinese and am living in Kuwait for over 10 years.I am touched that you all care about our feelings so much but its pity that it only comes out here not when the police stop our cars or search our apartments and want money to renew our visas. I think the ad is fine and its make me and my friends laugh.We didnt think its racial at all and its nice that kuwaiti man wants to look like chinese man. I think all of you should relax.Maybe chinese massage relax you some more

    • jimminy says:

      wow this shit must be totally made up right?

      • lulz says:

        Probably, because “Chan Lee” is the Asian equivalent of a ridiculously generic name like “John smith” or “Ahmed Abdul”. It’s one step up from “Ching Chong”. Clearly some jokery is afoot here.

  54. Maze says:

    Well I don’t find it racist as much as I find it lacking creativity!

  55. NBN says:

    Well, actually i have voted for NO but after checking this pic. again I found its a racist pic. and it would have been better if he removed his two fingers from there.

  56. pickles says:

    it’s not racist. it’s not funny. it sure as hell is not creative. if anything, it’s the most retarded ad i’ve seen in my life.

  57. Khaled says:

    I’m completely on board with this being racist, but with the Qnet ad am I missing something? I thought it was more about utilizing old-style Bollywood/Mollywood film themes and direction, something Kuwaitis love. I’m honestly asking, could someone point out the racist undertones there?

    • pickles says:

      the way the characters were talking. “sino yabi inta nafar moo zain” and “hada kalam moo mazboot”? the Qnet ad was too entertaining for people to notice or be offended by the actual words used, but strip it of the music and dancing, yes it’s pretty racist.

      i thought the chocolateness ad was pretty damn racist, too. i guess Kuwaitis think poking fun at other races is okay.

  58. sager says:

    the message they trying to say that we are turning into chinese that why they used an arab guy trying to look like chinese people, if they used a chinese guy it will send a message that chinese food arrived to kuwait or chinese people come to kuwait with their resturant

    its creative and trying to say that we are into chinese culture and want to be look like them and enjoy their food

    and the guy trying to make it like the black and the monkey this is deffirent how can u compare between people says they look like animal and just a feature of their face like every nation specially us or indians or africans and we all proud of how we look like and how we are address

    if they want to make a resturant in europe and trying to make european people eat our food and make an european guy wear a ghetra or 6arboosh or make him look like us with the saksoka or mostache or any thing i would like it same as some people think that alladin movie is offensive but its not

    • pickles says:

      please re-read what you wrote.

      “the message they trying to say that we are turning into chinese that why they used an arab guy trying to look like chinese people, if they used a chinese guy it will send a message that chinese food arrived to kuwait or chinese people come to kuwait with their resturant”

      ARE WE TURNING CHINESE? i had no idea! what an unusual phenomenon! when i eat at china garden i turn chinese! wow!
      if they used a chinese guy it would actually send a message that their food is authentic. not that chinese people came to kuwait with their restaurant – people aren’t THAT stupid, man, come on!

      “if they want to make a resturant in europe and trying to make european people eat our food and make an european guy wear a ghetra or 6arboosh or make him look like us with the saksoka or mostache or any thing i would like it same as some people think that alladin movie is offensive but its not”

      how about doing some research? Aladdin IS offensive – maybe not when you were 9 years old, but when you watch it now you will find many many racist undertones.
      for a european working at an arabic restaurant to DRESS like an arab to promote the food or create an ambiance or image for the restaurant is completely different than if the european guy started speaking in a terrible arab accent or made up arabic “sounds” while speaking to customers. THAT’S offensive. a european wearing a 6arboosh is not.

  59. Gizmoshow says:

    This ad is definitely Racist:
    Racist in this context means that an ad is highlighting a belief or an attitude formed beforehand about a certain human group (ethnicity, religion, etc…) and that there is a causal link between inherited physical traits and traits of personality, intellect, morality, and other cultural behavioral features.

    The first racism reference can be made on the physical traits of Asians and that the Kuwaiti guy is trying to modify his eyes to “look” like Asians.

    The second, is the grimace with his mouth and face and showing his teeth, and which was always depicted in the 1930s as a stereotypical Asian face.

    It doesn’t matter to use the “this is how they look” excuse, because members of such group do not perceive themselves that way.

    That if we want to ignore the stupid message: How is “Gourmet Chinese.. born in Kuwait” tempting for those who like Oriental food other than pushing Kuwaitis to be bound together and eat at this place because it is a Kuwaiti venture. Purely chauvinist.

    By the way, there is something about being Kuwaiti or of any other country, also and the motto “Proud to be Kuwaiti”. In Germany, the expression “Proud to be German” was banned everywhere and declared as being racist, because there is nothing to be proud about if you are a member of a certain group. Each should be proud of his own achievements, and the prejudice that, because I am part of such group means that I am superior and it is something to be proud about, is exactly the definition of racism.
    100% racist

  60. Fouad says:

    This ad was done by P&A Advertising

  61. Matt says:

    I asked my Oriental friend if she sees anything wrong with the photo…”Yes. The noodles do not look fresh.”

  62. 0.o says:

    I love the ignorance and bias of the people who think it’s not racist. If there was an ad in Europe or the US for an Arabic restaurant with a white dude wearing a turban and a fake beard, and a bomb strapped to his chest with a slogan underneath saying “Our Kabob is da BOMB”, all of you would be crying like little girls.

    • Matt says:

      LOL. I would eat there.

    • Tim says:

      I would find that authentic!!! Ok just kidding;)

      • nichola says:

        ys u r right , but abut ths AD it is different , there is no bombs attached 2 ths guy or any kind of guns … it is totally different idea

    • Ashraf says:

      Mr. Panda eyes (O.o)… you dont see any Bombs in the ad… you dont see a communist logo.. or a fake mini iphone.. you dont even see chinese google here… this ad isn’t racist..

      grow up.

      • 0.o says:

        I see a Kuwaiti pretending to have slanted eyes, which is very offensive and racist by any standards. Your ignorance of what is and is not racist is not a valid excuse. Learn a thing or two about culture.

    • Mathai says:

      lol! I would eat there for sure =)

    • SOSO says:

      Then why do they do an AD like that if it is for the Arabic Restaurant advertistment in the US or Europe and if there is any? I think if they will make an AD with an westener guy wearing arab dress simply because they want to give a message to their customer that not only Arabs can eat arabs food so same way to the AD we are now debating if it is a racist AD or not… see you are not getting the message of this AD where chinese food can be eaten by anyone who want to eat chinese food just simple as that.

      • 0.o says:

        I think its you who missed the message of the advertisement. If the Kuwaiti man was wearing some sort of traditional Chinese clothing, there would be absolutely nothing wrong and it would not be offensive. However, this advertisement chose to categorize Chinese food by pretending to have slanted eyes, which is extremely offensive.

        • Slimmer says:

          So if a Chinese guys dress up like an Arab guy you find it as not offensive ayt well just the other way around abt the Kuwaiti guy to your statement. So you answered enlighten all our question whether the ad is racism or not and moreover to support your statement chink eyes are not only for Chinese there are the Japanese, Koreans too so if I make my eyes chinky does that mean I am racist. Hope you got my point.

          • 0.o says:

            Sorry I didn’t understand your statement at all. All I got out of it is that you think its not racist, and you used the offensive words “chink” and “chinky” to describe why its not racist…

            • Slimmer says:

              C’mon man! don’t be naive I’m pretty much sure you knew what I meant so to refresh your memory did you or did you not made this statement and I quote… If the Kuwaiti man was wearing some sort of traditional Chinese clothing, there would be absolutely nothing wrong and it would not be offensive… Unquote. So you meant that there is nothing wrong to a Chinese guy wearing Kuwaiti traditional dress advertising Kuwaiti food in their country? So in my opinion the ad clearly states for not being a racist ad because of a model imitating a Chinese guy. And in other hand chink eyes are just a slang words I used.

  63. nichola says:

    ths idea is simple , other ethnic always feel they r less than blondy people ,

    wht abut show African dark man n AD n blondy hair and blue eyes and written under his pic , enjoy our British kitchen , huh is it racist ?

  64. Ashraf says:

    What’s the big deal? i think the ad is kinda funny… i dont see anything so racist that would offend anybody.

    why have people become so sensitive? this is just good humour…

    racism is when you look at a chinese guy and say.. hey you yellow boy.. open your eyes :p that’s offensive and racist.. not this ad :p grow up.

  65. Reem says:

    I really cant believe that some of you don’t consider this racist, look im not saying that they should be hanged or something :) but there is no way someone look at this ad and say hay thats not racist.

    This is just wrong.

  66. Ali Sleeq says:

    It’s Miley Cyrus all over again.

  67. Husain says:

    How the hell is this racist ?!
    If you’re saying this is racist then all 6ari8 el 3li jokes about sha3ban, isma3eel sroor and Khalid el mulla are racist..wtf.. if a white American guy makes fun of my looks as an arab, I don’t consider it racist..but if he says something about terrorism that’s racist

    • pickles says:

      6areq al3ali’s jokes ARE racist but Kuwaitis are so jaded that they don’t see it!
      and yes, if anyone from any other culture/nationality calls you a sand-nigger, a towel head, etc., THAT’S RACIST. it’s not about terrorism!

  68. Gilbert says:

    Amazing how the votes turned out.. so far this is not Racist.

  69. lloyd_911 says:

    It has to do with stereotypes. There are negative and positive stereotypes, this is an extremely negative one. To put it in perspective, if some one wanted to represent an arab, it would be ok to show a guy in traditional garb in a desert, its a stereotype, but not negative. At the same time if you showed the same guy on a camel dressed in terrorist gear, it would be a major no no.

  70. lulz says:

    I think a lot of you guys are mixing things up. You’re arguing several separate issues simultaneously as if they were one thing. For your convenience, let me summarize and end the debate as follows:

    – Is this ad racist? Yes it is, unequivocally. It’s the equivalent of using dark face paint to reference Africans or strapping on a fake beard to reference Arabs. It is absolutely racist by definition, and you can’t argue with the dictionary.

    – Is it belligerent by intent? Probably not. It’s just a consequence of a culture that doesn’t make a big deal out of stuff like this, whereas a shitstorm would erupt if this were a sectarian issue of some sort. Different societies have different measures of sensitivity.

    – Is it offensive? Your call.

    – Is it funny? Your call.

  71. homosapian says:

    Ok boys and girls (wouldn’t want to be racist and forget the girls).

    Let me just clear this up for you sad little people.

    This IS RACISM if you go by the definition of RACISM, this couldn’t get much more racist if it tried.

    So please, racism can be funny to some, it can be a joke, it doesn’t matter, the question is, is this racism… and yes it is….. u sick little beasts :)

  72. Andy says:

    Anyone who thinks that a little joke or two is no real problem and for us all to chill out needs to seriously take a look at 20th Century European history.

    See how far a few jokes about appearance, a few nudges and winks can get you. It all starts very small indeed…..

  73. gijo paul george says:

    racist! so is mr. babu. some of u find it funny. im indian. i find it racist and offensive. period

  74. Ahmed says:

    Did anybody stop to think that the guy is asian and he’s simply using telekinesis to levitate the plate??.BECAUSE WHO’S HOLDING THE PLATE?! o_O.jk, I think this is very racist if everyone thinks its racist.

  75. aaa says:

    And now it’s on the frontpage of reddit, gj Kuwait

  76. Commenter says:

    I think this is innappropriate, rude, racist, and immature. And this is not creativity… It’s laziness.

  77. Sam says:

    While I think this add is just another add. There probably was a better way to represent this place. But it is everywhere I mean Miley Cyrus had to make a public apology for taking a pic with her friends where they did the same with their eyelids. Its just society today. Its sensitivity.

    On another note. Since we are discussing bad adverts has no one seen the new harnessing power adverts for Zain? A cheetah and falcon being tested in a labratory! lol glad we dont have crazy animal rights activists here or else zain would have really taken a punch on that one!
    Personally I found that advertisment much worse than this one. Seeing as it is on billboards, TV and radio everywhere lol

  78. TQ says:

    What’s the difference between this advertisement and a non Arab man in a qitra holding a camel and a bomb?

  79. Abdullah says:

    This is so embarrassing, and it’s so sad that the majority voted “Not offensive”, that only shows how ignorant people are… it is pure racism.

  80. Soso says:

    Is there any chinese people in the house that was being offended by the Ad please speak your selves so that we come to know if the ad is really offensive for being racism. and I just wonder why the China Embassy is not protesting on it just wonder why?

    • Matt says:

      The Chinese Embassy is probably not complaining because they are not hyper-sensitive, whining little bitches….just a thought.

      • Soso says:

        You are absolutely right sir no question about it…

        • Andy says:

          It is not necessary to be black or chinese to comment on racism. Racism is corrosive and detrimental to all civilised societies.

          If you want to live like animals than carry on wallowing in the mud blindly assuming that any anti racist viewpoint is just whining about nothing.

  81. Muhamed Ali says:


  82. husain says:

    can’t bring a Chinese and make him wear eqal and qetra ? :)

  83. Mathai says:

    Why is everyone fixated on getting a Chinese dude to wear a gethra? Its a Kuwaiti owned business and obviously the owners appreciate Chinese cuisine so why not a Middle Eastern dude in a Mandarin outfit? That would have been much more acceptable.

  84. G says:


    It’s on 9gags homepage, see what the rest of the world thinks of it. Not lacist :)

  85. G says:

    Also i’d like to add its funny how the people who thought this was racist turned this into a ‘people kill maids’ conversation

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