Ramadan Buffets in Kuwait 2014

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Below is a list of buffet prices (and in some cases set menus) of various restaurants around Kuwait. I tried to get a variety of styles of restaurants ranging from American franchises, to hotels to Arabic restaurants but if you want to include a restaurant on this list, leave the details in the comments below. What I’ve done this year as well is mention how much the price has increased or decreased over the previous year just for fun. If you don’t see any red or green number next to the price it either means the restaurant kept the same price as last year or they’re new to the list.

Abdel Wahab
Buffet Price: KD10 (+1.250)
Telephone: 1821000

Al Noukhaza Restaurant
Buffet Price: KD11.950 (-2.000)
Telephone: 24757775 or 1823888

Avanti Palace
Set Menu Price: KD3.5
Telephone: 25751081

Cafe Blanc – The Avenues
Buffet Price: KD7.750 (Buffets only on weekends) (+0.250)
Telephone: 22597568

Courtyard by Marriott
Buffet Price: KD12 (+3.000)
Telephone: 22997000

Crowne Plaza – Al Ahmadi Restaurant
Buffet Price: KD12.5
Telephone: 24757775

Hilton Resort – Teatro Restaurant
Buffet Price: KD15
Telephone: 22256222

Jumeirah Messilah Beach – Garden Cafe
Buffet Price: KD16 (+2.000)
Telephone: 22269600

JW Marriott
Buffet Price: KD13 (+1.000)
Telephone: 22455550

Set Menu Price: KD8
Telephone: 22996414

Movenpick – Free Zone – Bays Restaurant
Buffet Price: KD13.5 (+2.600)
Telephone: 24610033

Movenpick – Al Bida’a – Breeze Restaurant
Buffet Price: KD14
Telephone: 22253100

Buffet Price: KD12.5 (+0.500)
Telephone: 22268666

Set Menu Price: KD7.900 (+0.650)
Telephone: 22597044

Qasr Al-Saraya
Buffet Price: KD8 (+0.500)
Telephone: 25711101

Radisson Blu – Al Bustan Restaurant
Buffet Price: KD13 or KD11 after 10PM
Telephone: 25673000

Red Lobster
Set Menu Price: KD7.950
Telephone: 22200536

Ruby Tuesday
Set Menu Price: KD5.750 (+0.750)
Telephone: 22444454

All You Can Eat Price: KD14.950 1st 10 days of Ramadan (+2.000)
Buffet Price: KD15.950 11th day onwards(+2.000)
Telephone: 24757775 or 1823888

Sheraton – Coral Tent
Buffet Price: KD17.250
Telephone: 22422055

Symphony Style Hotel – Luna Restaurant
Buffet Price: KD14
Telephone: 25770000

Buffet Price: KD9.500 or KD4.750 for kids under 12
Telephone: 22244511

The Southern
Set Menu Price: KD9.5

Villa Fairouz – The Avenues
Buffet Price: KD12.5 (+1.000)
Telephone: 22597200

Buffet Price: KD7.5 or KD4 for kids 5-10
Telephone: 25750647

Zahr El Laymoun – 360 Mall
Buffet Price: KD8 (+0.500)
Telephone: 25309511

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17 comments, add your own...

  1. Ramadan Nights says:

    Too bad the Copper Chimney isn’t doing a Ramadan buffet.

  2. kids says:

    It would be great if you would have posted
    Policy for Kids, some of the restaurants offer discounts for kids

  3. muhammad says:

    maghal mahal with lots of biryani ?

  4. Joe says:

    Burj Al Hamam?

  5. Farhan Zahid says:

    I went to Avanti Palace yesterday. 1stly its a set menu. 2condly u have to take the package in groups of 4. So if u r 6 u cannot take six orders, u either take package of 4 or 8. Plus the ad they have published is very misleading. U would think that each person can order to his liking. Not true. U can order from the set menu as a group of 4. 2 soups and they will divide them into 2 each, making them 4 servings. 1 choice of rice dish. 2 choices of curries. 1 salad. 1 Appetizer. 1 dessert. For this they will charge u 3.5 * 4 = 14KDs. While I was there, every second customer had the same confusion as us. Also like us most of the customers opted to order from the regular menu, as it was iftar time and we had no other option.

  6. Ao says:

    I went with my friends today to burj Al Hamam it was terrible the buffet was over 10 minutes after iftar we were able to eat almost left overs and the refill process was very bad …no way again , it was 16 pp

  7. Ao says:

    The price i sent including one argeela

  8. Ayaz says:

    Really helped me out. I was looking through similar articles from previous years because I coulnd’t find offers anywhere else on the web and just then you uploaded this article. Just in time to take my mom out for her birthday. Thanks!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Take it most of these are large group and pet friendly diners!

  10. Ali says:

    Are there any good resturants open until 3am during ramadan preferably in salmiya?

  11. Ahmad Salah says:

    Shanghai Chinese Restaurant
    Buffet Price : 5.950 KD per person
    At the beginning of Ibn Khaldoun St. Hawally, Kuwait

  12. mostafa adel says:

    people are circulating this around whats app
    anyone have any reviews to post and enlighten us with these restaurants in Ramadan?

  13. Ritz says:

    Please advise the location the location of Qasr Al-Sarraya Restaurant, if anyone knows. Thanks.

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