Restaurants that Deliver Before Iftar (2017)

Post by Mark

If you’re not fasting and want to order food before Iftar, then below are some restaurants that will deliver early. It’s not a big list but it’s still better than nothing.

China Garden
Deliveries start after 11AM
Telephone: 25720010

China Kitchen
Deliveries start after 11:30AM
Telephone: 25738754

Marina Thai
Deliveries start after 12:30PM
Telephone: 23720040

Deliveries start after 12PM
Telephone: 25749933

Deliveries start after 10AM
Telephone: 22637331

Deliveries start after 12PM
Telephone: 1828585

Sea Taste Restaurant
Open 24 hours
Telephone: 66395655

Deliveries start after 1PM
Telephone: 22260848

Upper Crust Pizzeria
Deliveries start after 11AM
Telephone: 22943200

I’ll be updating the list above as I find out about more places, if you know of a place that delivers before Iftar (like 3PM or earlier) let me know.

Update: Removed Poele from the list since it turned out they only had desserts and bread 12PM onwards. Also removed Beit Dickson since they had originally told me deliveries start 12PM onwards but now are stating 5PM onwards.

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32 comments, add your own...

  1. Brian says:

    Papa John’s delivers after 3pm.

  2. zaydoun says:

    I’m waiting for one of your “holier than thou” readers to start ranting about this being “haram, Kuwait is an Islamic country, etc … etc…”

  3. Alphanso says:

    Clearly spreading the Chubby love this season :-)

  4. Joe says:

    A strong person with a strong mind and strong belief is unaffected by seeing another peroson eat/drink!

  5. Fantailfan says:

    Currently in Dubai as a ramadan refugee XD

  6. says:

    Hello, has restaurants that are delivering throughout the day with packages for 4+ people. Just select your area and time and you’ll get a list of available options :)

  7. Sea taste says:

    Hello Sea Taste is usually open 24 hours but during Ramadan we are closing at 2:30 AM. thank you

  8. Nevin says:


    Any options for 2018. Its 10.07 am and I am already hungry. 🤷🏽‍♂️



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