Savour, the Middle East’s First Food Sector Accelerator

Post by Mark

Savour is a new food sector accelerator that just launched based out of Kuwait. Their aim is to help food entrepreneurs and food startups bring their products and services to market at super speed. Think of it like Shark Tank but locally and for food related businesses.

Savour partners with early stage companies from any part of the food supply chain, including: farming, ag-tech, food distribution, retail, wellness, consumer-packaged goods, food-related apps, and green/clean tech. Savour can help you reach your potential.

The way it works is say you’ve got an interesting food related business at the moment, like a small hole in the wall Vietnamese restaurant, or a hydroponics growing system, or even an app that calculates tips. And this business is new and doing relatively well but you have no idea how to grow, or what options are available to you.You apply for the Savour accelerator program and if they think your idea is interesting with potential to grow, they’ll take you onboard, accelerate your concept, focus on your main points, connect you with all the right people, give you access to their network and to funding so they can help take your business to the next level.

The main Savour team is composed of 3 members but there are also 22 mentors for the program including the likes of Basil AlSalem, Mohammed Jaffar and Essa Behbehani. The 8-week program is free and is open to Kuwaitis and non-Kuwaitis alike including those residing outside of Kuwait.

Savour is holding a Q&A this coming Wednesday, July 12 at Richard’s Coffee Bar at 7PM. So if you have a food related startup and are looking for more information on this accelerator program, drop by their Q&A. You can also visit their website and apply to the accelerator since the application process is currently open until July 22nd. Here is the link to their [Website]

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  1. Dun says:

    Cupcakes and burgers for everybody!

    • zaydoun says:

      Are cupcakes still in fashion?

      • Mark says:

        Just ask Sprinkles

        • Animatedude says:

          Any idea why they shutdown their two stores in Kuwait?

        • Ed says:


          But their brownies were fantastic.

          It was more of an issue with their unreasonable pricing rather than the product itself.

          Its terrible that the franchisee would rather shut the whole brand down (possibly for forever) rather than admit they made a mistake with the pricing.

    • Ja says:

      I don’t know, I’m actually excited for this since different people will come up with new novel ideas and cusines to get the committee’s approval. Just hope this doesn’t end up like other SME growth insitutions that would rather turn down an idea just to leak it to someone they know (or similar practices).

  2. Sunny says:

    “focus on your pain points”……….. main

  3. tinderbox says:

    There is typo in the 2nd paragraph, “Savour can help you reach you reach your potential.”

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