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Post by Mark

As I mentioned the other day, if the Shake Shack beef patties aren’t as good as the patties used back in the US then we will end up with just a fake Shack. But I just found out via Buz Fairy that Shake Shack will be using the same beef they use in the US. Buz Fairy is currently in Dubai and while there she got to meet and speak to Shake Shack’s culinary manager Mark Rosati and he told her they were getting the beef from Creekstone Farms which is the same source from which LaFrieda (their US supplier) get’s their meat from. Now because its the same source but a different supplier I don’t think it’s going to be 100% the same but I doubt it would be different enough for me to be able to tell the difference.

Luckily Shake Shack Kuwait isn’t even close to opening yet so I won’t have a problem sticking to my diet.

Update: Here’s Buz Fairys review [Link]

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  1. jj says:

    stop it u are killing me.. i try to stick to my diet and go to the gym but u keep bringing up shake shack.. i seriously cant wait

  2. Mimo says:

    So how will it be halal ?

  3. Bu Yousif says:

    Don’t forget that their meat should be HALAL!

  4. DeQor8 says:

    i believe the same goes for Fatburger .. didn’t you post prev. that they bring their meat and ketchup from the US?

  5. iBlooogle says:

    exactly as Bu Yousif said, key word should be HALAL, not electro-fried.

    to all you gym buffs out there, head on over to, where it states that u should, on average, give yourself 10% of ur weekly meals as “cheat meals”, if u follow the 2~3hr snack routine, that translates to 4 meals a week, guilt free. ofcourse, this doesnt mean u should go all out, but let your guard down.

    in the end, as Mark said, we are trying to look good for ourselves, and not starve ourselves.

    if u feel u over indulged, hit the weights and cardio machines harder and longer, it doesnt spoil your “diet”.

  6. 3azeez says:

    Just like PF Chang of Avenues. It will start excellent even their Cola tastes different… then it will be like my last visit… bad shrimp, bad cola, bad everything.

  7. Summer says:

    So, I don’t get it.. will the meat be halal or not??
    I sure hope it is! i seriously want to try it!

  8. Hila says:

    Yes we should know for sure, before the place opens if the meat is HALAL or not???!!!

  9. Mark says:

    Its obvious the meat is going to be halal, you can’t sell none halal meat in kuwait!

    • mimo says:

      yeah but if its coming right from the farm its unlikely that its halal. maybe kosher, but not halal.

      • Mark says:

        mimo if they didn’t want to get halal meat it would have been a lot easier for them since they could have just gotten the meat from Pat Lafreida

  10. xeonali says:

    I had my lunch there .. everything were awesome … without doubt .. best burgers in GCC !

  11. mac.dadyy says:

    i went today in the the morning.. got there by 10:05 (i was the second customer after the official launch @ 10am) apart from getting free food, that only happened because they were having some technical issue with the cash register .. the shack burger was AAMMAAZZIIINNGGGGG !!!
    so juicy, tender, the buns were perfect too !!

    i also ordered the shrooms burger … that was good aswell, but the mushroom was a bit tough to chew on

  12. Khajoor says:

    Would there be any taste difference between the non halal burgers in the US and the halal burgers in Kuwait?

  13. Musa'ad Haider says:

    Had the Double Shack burger yesterday in Mall of Emirates. Loved it and totally worth the wait. They give you a buzzer like device when you place an order. When your order is ready, it starts shaking. Cool!

  14. Musa'ad Haider says:

    Sorry for the Reel Cinema image. Selected that by mistake.

  15. Mon says:

    No No No!!
    It will never be as same as the one in states…. Just as magnolia’s bakery which is not as the one in NY…
    I mean magnolia’s bakery on rockefeller is not as the one on bleecker street.. Shake shack on madison is not as same as any branch… Sometimes atmospheres are the biggest factor on how food tastes and feels like…
    I definitely not want more stuff comming to region… They ruin it! Sick of the copy cats… Be original do something of your own people!!

    • fa says:

      Why stop people from enjoying something just because it annoys you?

      If people want to try Shake Shack in Kuwait, that somehow ruins Shake Shack in NYC? Did they say they were moving Shake Shack permanently to the Middle East? Just go to NYC and stop complaining, all you’re really doing is trying to prove how elitist you are by namedropping touristic areas in Manhattan and depriving others of this little “club” you want to stay part of.

  16. ahmad says:

    I just came back from Dubai. It opened in MOE 2 days ago, amazing burger !! loved the fries.. now back to the diet :)

  17. Joe says:

    I’m a shake shack addict

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