Singarea Korean Restaurant has Shutdown!

I went to have dinner tonight at the Singarea Korean Restaurant and to my surprise I found it closed (even though it wasn’t a Tuesday). So I asked the Korean supermarket downstairs what happened and she told me they shutdown. There was a language barrier so I couldn’t understand why but I’m really upset. It’s such a unique place and it’s sad to see it go.

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That sucks. Maybe they just didn’t have enough business to justify the size of the place and they just couldn’t afford the rent? That’s too bad. The food was amazing.

Well, they closed down on 30th Nov. The reason is because the owner seems to be making more business from importing items and selling it to other restaurants. He makes less profit with the restaurant as compared to his import/export business. thats why they decided to shut it down.

After reading about it, I always wanted to try out that place. And finally when I decided to go, and went on dec 1st, the msg on the door was “WE ARE CLOSING DOWN EFFECTIVELY ON DEC 1ST”
Such an Unfortunate date that I picked for having dinner….. SUCKS

I heard earlier that they are closing down anytime soon because the owner wants to use the space for something else

Noooooo 🙁 Loved that place, every time I went it was totally empty though.

Talk about a place with NO advertising at all. Location Location Location and it was in Dajeej on top of a supermarket.

This place would have done really well with a better location and staff that actually spoke English or Arabic, I’m sure of it. Sad.

Yeah but the character doesn’t make up for the fact that 90% of people couldn’t find it even when I gave them directions and you couldn’t call and ask where it was :/

Well there’s only like 2 or 3, and it’s nice to pick up ingredients on the way out.

PROTIP: You can buy the exact ingredients Japanese restaurants use in there and have them way way cheaper. Uni Sushi is like 3 KD a piece, a BOX of uni is about the same price.

Kinda expected this to happen. Went there twice and on both occasions only one or two other patrons both of them were Korean. Staff though decent and friendly had a severe language gap; as for the location, only because Mark found it the first time were the rest of us aware of it.. I would have never known about it otherwise. Would have just passed it thinking just another South East Asian Supermarket in the middle of Furniture Center. Great food with a really nice authentic feel though.. sorry to hear its shut down.

Oh well off to the more expensive and really over rated one in the Swiss Bell Hotel we go for a Korean meal fix 😉

I didn’t try the new one @Swiss Bell Hotel but my favorite is the one across the street in Carlton Hotel (??) It’s right behind the tall building with Qatar Airways. It’s costly compare to Singarea but it is authentic.

The owner should read all the positive feedback and consider re-opening his restaurant in a similar setting but perhaps in a different location.

I think that location is already rented so it was practically free to do it where he already was. I assume they make most of their money from wholesale so they don’t need a great location for the supermarket.

At one point having a restaurant where Pink Moon and Slider Station is used to be random too, it was all fishing and hunting shops. The Village was pretty random too. Any “random” place that does well just becomes the next trendy place here

It’s sad to hear that )”: , I liked this place a lot and I liked women who work in the supermarket, I hope that the retreat from closed or opening of the a new Korean supermarket restaurant in a new location.

pleas we want a korean supermarket we love that place , pleas opean anthor korean supermarket in “aswaq al-qurain” it’s a perfect place ):

그것은 “) 그 소리를 들으니 슬픈 일이야 : 난이 곳이 많이 좋아 내가 슈퍼마켓에서 일 여성을 좋아 그렇게 되길 바랍니다 새로운 위치에 새로운 한국어 슈퍼마켓 레스토랑의 폐쇄 또는 개방의 후퇴

it weird that u all keep bringing up the language barrier, i always shop there and the girl at the cashier always starts the conversation with me in perfect english and we talk about where we buy our clothes and my admiration of kpop and so on.

I have bittersweet emotions in writing this. I was the LAST customer to dine at Singarea. I had been to Singarea restaurant before and did shopping for my sushi ingredients there (which I will continue to do so). But on Thursday 29th November at 8PM when I went there, I was shocked to see the notice on the main door which said that they will be closing effective December 1st. I know from experience that the supermarket and restaurant are closed on Fridays. When I walked into the restaurant, there were 2 couples, a family of 4 and myself. I ended up ordering Tom Yam Koong, Salmon Sashimi, Dolso something (the one with the hot stone bowl) , sashimi salad and the red vinegar drink (Thanks Mark for the suggestion). Talked with the Sri Lankan waiter. He told me how the restaurant would be remodelled into a glass showroom (like their neighbours). By 9PM, after the staff shut down the restaurant, they all had a farewell meal together (Mark I will email you the pics of the notice and the meal). The waiter told me that since the place would be closed the next day (Friday) Needless to say, I felt really sad for them. The supermarket will continue though. Communication problems with the Korean owner lady will continue though :). The memories of Singarea restaurant will definitely continue. Singarea….. RIP ….. Renovate In Peace

Hi blogger…this topic just caught my attention and i can’t help to ask: Did they shutdown also the supermarket? It finds me in awe to see some products from asian country where I for one belongs to…

I find out a bout it while I was searching on the net about shirataki noodles for my dukan diet.
someone was explaining how good the food was in their restaurant
it was very haaaaaard to find them even while I was very close to them
such a bad location
I am sure this was the main reason for not doing well(the restaurant business,and even the supermarket)
Who knows about them?maibe 20%of population(if)
bye the way , the price of shirataki noodles was was only 600 fils compared with 1,200 kd on a famous supermarket!!!!

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