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Singarea Korean Supermarket & Restaurant

I have no idea how to begin this post honestly. In fact, in the back of my mind right now I’m going “don’t post about this place” over and over because I loved it so much and I don’t want to share it with anyone. But it’s because I loved it so much I really HAVE to post about it. Singarea is a small Korean Supermarket with a small cozy restaurant on the upper floor. It’s located in one of those plazas (plaza is actually too nice a word here) in dajeej surrounded by stores that sell cheap furniture and lights. By the looks of the place outside I was expecting it to be pretty dodgy on the inside but wow was I wrong.

When I first walked into the supermarket I was surprised at how clean and organized it was. Majority of their products are imported so there were many interesting things I hadn’t seen before. After I was done taking pictures and wandering around the aisles aimlessly I decided to go upstairs and check out the restaurant.

The plan was to snap a few shots, check out their menu and leave but once I saw how the restaurant looked like there was no way I could leave without having lunch. It just felt like I was no longer in Kuwait. The wooden roof, the dark tables combined with the green chairs and the decorative partitions all combined gave the interior a very calm cozy and foreign feeling. I decided to sit in a corner where I knew I’d have a good view of the interior and enough light to take my food shots. There was only one other table occupied by three asian business men so it was peacefully quiet. The waitress was extremely helpful and friendly. She gave me the menu and asked me if it was my first time there which I replied to yes. She started to help me out with the menu explaining how they had Chinese, Japanese and Korean cuisine. My eyes quickly started checking out the things I knew like sweet and sour chicken but I resisted going with what I was comfortable with and instead asked the waitress to help me choose my dishes. Since I was in a Korean restaurant I wanted to try Korean dishes and asked her to recommend me some options. In the end I decided to go with the following (descriptions taken from the menu):

Deuk Bokki: Stewed rice cake with spicy Gochujang. Especially youngster’s favorite.

Main Course
Beef Bulgogi: Most favored Korean barbecue. Savory and succulent.

Frappe: Fruits, sweet red bean paste and one of three flavors, strawberry, chocolate, blueberry syrup over shaved ice.

Red Vinegar Drink: Naturally brewed red vinegar from red Ginseng, pomegranate, Ume helps changing body into alkaline.

I forgot to mention that as soon as I sat down I was served corn tea (Oksusu cha) at room temperature. Never had that before and didn’t know you could make tea from corn. It tasted better than regular tea at room temperature.

My starter arrived a short while later and using my chopsticks I started to eat. The rice cakes were a bit spicy but full of flavor. I didn’t like the dish that much but I did appreciate all the flavors in it. I wasn’t sure what to expect with Korean food, I figured their flavors would be a bit safe like Thai food but it turned out to be more exciting like Chinese food which actually makes sense since they’re neighboring countries.The red vinegar drink was very refreshing and although I was expecting it to taste like vinegar it didn’t. It tasted more like a cocktail you’d have pool side and is a great summer drink. Because the rice cakes were spicy sipping the red vinegar helped cool things down. My second dish the Beef Bulgogi was ridiculously good and I mean I wiped the plate clean kinda good. It was sweet and the beef was very tender and oh I’m so going back just to have this dish again. Finally the desert arrived and although I’m not a fan of most fruits especially blueberry, I still wanted to try the dish just because I wanted to experience a Korean dessert. I expectedly didn’t like it but that was no surprise.

They have a huge menu and although I’m really tempted to order the Beef Bulgogi again on my next visit I’m going to try and not do that and instead try something else new. I generally eat the same thing all the time so it was very exciting to experience some new flavors. I really loved the place, the food, the ambiance, the service the whole experience was like nothing else in Kuwait. I can’t believe this place has been open for over 2 years and I just decided to pass by now.

Finding Singarea is a bit difficult but I’ve highlighted it on this [Map] If you can get to Sears then it’s easy. If Sears is on your left side, drive straight until you have the option to go straight or turn right and get onto the 6th Ring Road. From that point drive straight around 30 meters and you’ll find the plaza on the left. Singarea is inside that plaza. I recommend you park the car outside and walk in since during the daytime it’s incredible chaotic inside there. It’s a great place I highly recommend it.

Update: The supermarket has changed location. Check this post for details [Link]

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This place is a little oasis in the middle of Dajeej. For such a small price, there product variety is excellent – I agree, very clean, friendly.

Does anyone know of a grocery store that sells a decent amount of Vietnamese good?

Yes, it’s a health drink. Very delicious and refreshing. Google the nutrition benefits of it…..

It’s Singarea btw

Please share it every time I go I feel like it’s gonna shut down because it’s empty 🙁

BTW Pro Tip: Their supermarket has sushi-level fish for much, much cheaper than any of the restaurants.

6 pieces sashimi: 4 KD at a restaurant
1 cut of tuna that is enough to make about 20 pieces: 3KD at Singarea

Cut it up, instant sashimi

Lots of great stuff there besides that though. It’s worth experimenting if you see something and wonder what it is, Korean food has really good sauces.

Try Bibimbap, it’s a rice dish with loads of stuff mixed in and this awesome chili-miso sauce thing. Korean food is really spicy and flavorful compared to Chinese and Japanese food.

Totally second the Bibimbap suggestion. Try it hot or cold. Its a full meal with all the tastes of Korea…

Go down 6th ring road until you pass the airport road then take a u-turn, there’s a bunch of furniture stores there

It’s our favorite hideaway asian resto [i guess now we can no longer hide :)] because of it’s quiet & cozy place. great tasting food… korean, chinese, japanese & thai choices.

the foodstore carries a lot of asian foodstuffs not available in any other asian stores in kuwait. i think a lot of these asian resto in kuwait are taking their supplies from this store.

Mark, you should try their japanese salmon & avocado salad for starter and their shabu-shabu for the main course and for a drink… rice vinegar mixberry flavor or try the aloe-vera mango or grapes flavor… their really good.

Iv been going to this place since it first opened. Back then they didnt have an upstairs. Their restaurant was part of the supermarket and you could see the cook prepare the meals next to you which was cool.

I am one of korean in kuwait.
I have visited before, and I like this place, too.
Korean food is gorgeous beyond ur imagination 🙂
I always read ur blog well.
Thanx XD

I know just one Korean market. I am sorry that Singarea is only one market 🙁
But other Korean restaurants are in Kuwait City. They are also good really 🙂

And a lot of Korean don’t know well about Kuwait. So, I posted in Korean for informing about Kuwait. Next time, I’ll try to post in english 🙂 just see and ask me in now ;^)

I don’t know exact location cuz I just took a car 🙂
But I think Canary is in Shuwaikh Canada Dry Rd.
In lunch time, a lot of people go there 🙂

Thank you sooooo much! I am half Korean, and have always had access to Korean food until a arriving in Kuwait a few weeks ago. I’ve been having ddukbokki withdrawals… Can’t wait to get some groceries!

Yeah this place is pretty amazing. I wanted to find a place that sold cheap tofu and kimchi. I actually googled “asian supermarket kuwait” last year and Desert Girl’s page was the first result.
Nice review on the restaurant portion Mark. I’ve shopped downstairs numerous times, but have yet to eat in the restaurant.

That makes it sound like I didn’t catch the mistake in saying “wondered” instead of “wandered”…

Finally a korean topic post!

It really is the only korean market in Kuwait! The upstairs restaurant is decent, but there are actually three other Korean restaurants in Kuwait.

Here are the locations:
1. swiss intercontinental hotel, Kuwait City

2. carleton hotel, kuwait city

3. Hyatt Hotel in Salmiya border of Hawalli.

I’m korean too, and so far my favorite has been number 2!

I’ve also tried all the Korean restaurants here in Kuwait and Koryokwan, the one in Carlton Hotel, is the best! I’ve tried several dishes and I like them all. The staffs are all very nice and accommodating and some of them can even speak Korean.
If you don’t have any idea what to choose/eat from the menu, I suggest you try Budae Chigae (they call it “Army Stew” sometimes), it’s one of my favorites. 🙂 You can also try their bibimbap, naengmyeon and bulgogi to name a few.

If you spent so much time in your business fixing up the interior and would want to attract customers, why wouldn’t you update your signage?

A lot of the time signage needs to go through the owner of the plaza because it’s external not internal. Malls have weird requirements on signage sometimes too.

I love that place!
I’ve been there loads of times. The supermarket is nice and the restaurant is so cozy.
You can also apply for the supermarket card in order to collect point and get invited to special events.
The Korean culture is awesome and their food is simply amazing ^^

Tried their Bibimbap. When we went there, some of the staff were having dinner, and there was a cute little kid asleep near the television. The employees were lovely and I thought the whole scene added a lot of warmth to our experience.

Wow. I wouldn’t have shared such a cozy find, either. Glad you did though. Anytime I’ve been in Dajeej for work, me and colleague have had only KFC or TSC to pick from usually (apart from delivery) this is amazing!

hi , I came to the singarea and I find it close ? do you will opean it again? when ?

So disappointed….no restaurant anymore. I guess the market is still there so I will go and take a look at what they have. I love Korean soups so I will see if there is the ingredients to make some of the soups.

I wish the is email or contact number from this supermarket I want to know if they can deliver at home the groceries items that I want.Since I ddnt know this place .Pls contact me if ever to proceed my order. THANK U

Hi, I really am a big fan of everything korean and i would really love to visit this restaurant once … but I’m reading other people comments and they say it’s closed !! Is it really? ! Please do answer.

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