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SnappCard Launches in Kuwait


SnappCard the digital loyalty card app officially launched in Kuwait today. I had no idea what it was or even heard about it until a friend of mine told me of it awhile ago. SnappCard is basically an app that aims to replace those paper card loyalty cards from your favorite restaurants. The two cards I tend to use the most are my Elevation Burger and Slice cards, and I keep either losing them or forgetting to carry them with me. SnappCard is supposed to solve that by having all your points scored digitally in the app itself, it is also supposed to work with multiple restaurants and in different countries. They’re mainly focused in Bahrain and UAE right now but they launched in Kuwait today. Right now they oddly chose only to work with one restaurant here, the newly opened Rock House Sliders, but they will be adding more places soon (Elevation and Slice pretty please). The app works with iOS, Android and Blackberry, for more info check out their website [Here]

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i actually have my own platform for marketing and loyalty here in Kuwait, if any retailers are interested in an app solution for their brand, contact me 😀

P.S: mark if you can hock me up with slice or Elevation i am sure i can make them join up

contact me at the email and i’ll spin the apps for you and your blog for 6 moths trial :D, feedback is always welcomed as well

hehehe, loyalty is just a feature we are adding, its basically a marketing tool that allows you to link you blog, twitter, youttube, instagram…etc to the app and render all your postings there in more than 50 themes and 8 menu variations

the added value comes with an integrated push notification platform that you can tune to work automatically whenever a new post is posted for example, or use the geofencing tool and push a notification for users from salmiya only or whenever a user enter salmiya
all while having complete insight on analytics and statistics
and you can even run your own ads in your app

all of that while never touching a line of code or sacrificing performance :D, so yeah loyalty isnt a requirement at all

Mark, we appreciate the shout-out and your elevated support. Don’t worry, our burgers are gonna find their way to your smartphone soon.

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