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Sneak Peek: Shawarma Shakir Salmiya

Back in the mid 90s we really only had two places to hang out as teenagers, a restaurant called Fuddruckers on the Gulf Road and Johnny Rockets in Salmiya. Both were pretty expensive for broke teenagers and we didn’t have malls or places like Starbucks where you can just go and chill for hours. But then McDonald’s came to Kuwait and they opened a location over Johnny Rockets and it became the go-to place for me and my friends to meet up at. The staff didn’t care if we just hung out without ordering anything and the street corner outside became a popular meeting point for teens. So when Mcdonald’s shut down and Shakir took over the location, I was kinda upset about it but also curious to see what Shakir would with the place.

Yesterday I passed by the new location to get a sneak peek and noticed they had removed the large hoarding that had covered the side of the building revealing a brand new facade. The old building no longer looks dodgy anymore and instead looks pretty great. As I walked into the space I was expecting to see some indoor seating since McDonalds had seating but there wasn’t any. The whole interior was designed and optimized around fast order pickups. Shakir is so popular that the whole indoor space is one large queuing system with a long railing that splits the interior in half. As you go in through the entrance, the railing leads you to the far end of the restaurant where the ordering windows are. After you’re done ordering the railing leads you back towards the pickup area which is near the exit doors.

Disappointingly, there won’t be V-Thru at this location which is what I currently use to pick up my orders at their Rai location. If you haven’t used V-Thru before it’s one of my favorite services, you order from a restaurant via their app and once you arrive outside the restaurant, they bring the food out to your car. I mostly use it for Arabica when I order beans and Shakir to avoid the long car lines.

Shawarma Shakir Salmiya is opening tomorrow, July 7th at 7PM. They’re on instagram @shawarmashakir

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Shame. I’ll miss their underground spot. It’s been ages since I’ve been there, but it was the spot for a 248am (see what I did there lol) dinner with the Mrs. especially after watching a movie in Fanar Mall. Hoping the new spot is as good.

You must be confusing the McDonalds with a different one, they didn’t have an underground spot there, it was just that single floor on top.

I get it mate. McDonald’s moved down the street, Johnny took their spot, and Shakir took Johnny’s spot.

wait what lol no. Johnny Rockets hasn’t moved. But I see where the miscommunication happened lol. You asked me if Johnny Rockets was also gone and I said no they just took over the McDonalds location. By they I was referring to Shakir, as in Shakir only took over the McDonalds location and not the johnny location as well.

This has to be the most hilarious confusion regarding bloody restaurant locations ever. Guess I must pop over there and see what’s what to put this to rest lol.

Also, you’ve raved about Shakir before so it’s also a chance to try them out.

When was I passing by, Johnny Rockets was advertising a car service similar to what the previous McDonalds location had (to avoid any confusion, lol, it means you can park in front and someone will take your order)

It’s been a while since I left Kuwait and I can tell that memories are getting washed away! Poor McDonalds.

Well over the past year Shaab Park, Aqua Park, Entertainment City and the Ice Skating Rink all got demolished, so McDonalds moving down the road is the least of our issues.

their drive thru at that location is a shit show. only one window where you pay for your order and they’ll always tell you to pull up ahead and wait till they bring you your order, causing traffic and long queue times for people behind you.

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