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The First Chinese Restaurant in Kuwait?

Whenever I flip through old newspaper there are random things that always catch my attention. Recently while flipping through a 1976 issue of Kuwait Times I came across this ad for what supposedly is (according to the ad), the first Chinese restaurant in Kuwait. Never heard of it and can’t find anything online about it either. I can’t even find the building it was located in.

If anyone has any information about “Golden Nest”, let me know!

Update: I found another ad (above) and this one has a map. So I tried to figure out where the restaurant used to be located and if Al Shuhada Street used to be called Al Hilal Street back in 1976, then I think Golden Nest was located in the same block as where Al Assima Tower and Solo Pizza are located today. I overlapped the map onto Google Maps and if you line up the streets and roundabouts they match. Whoever drew the map though placed Shaab gate on the wrong corner of the intersection though.

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I think it was over hyped. I went to them a couple of times when they were in ras salmiya and then once again in bneid al gar but didn’t really like it. I do wonder whatever happened to them though.

They relocated to the lane in shawerma shakir (old mcdonalds) ras salmiya, tried them a couple of times and, they are alright but not something i crave.

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