The Untitled Deli Now Officially Open

Post by Mark

The Untitled Deli is a new deli that recently opened up in Kuwait. The place belongs to two close friends of mine and I also worked on the branding for it so I might be a tiny bit biased when I say… they make the best ridiculously delicious amazing sandwiches in Kuwait. Seriously the sandwiches are really good. Originally my friend started making them for us during Game of Thrones nights and then at shakshooka a couple of times before deciding to open up this place. So its been in the making for some time now.

So if you’ve been craving salt beef and pastrami sandwiches then you definitely need to check them out. They don’t have delivery yet but the deli itself is located inside the Pearl Marzouq complex in Salmiya. You can also check out all their sandwiches on their instagram account @theuntitleddeli as well their full menu on

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  1. Martin says:

    FFS I’ve been In a strict diet for the past 2 weeks and then this comes up

  2. Xtina says:

    Another day, another restaurant.

  3. Aslawi says:

    went there last week amazing sandwiches indeed, my only concern was the AC I do hope they have fixed it as we were unable to dine in because of the humidty

  4. Ryan says:

    I am standing in front of it now and it is not open as of 1pm. What time does it open?

  5. zaydoun says:

    Their full* menu… You must’ve been salivating as you typed

  6. No no no says:

    I don’t care how good it is.

    I want my Chinese food Chinese, my Ethiopian food Ethiopian and my pastrami on rye Jewish.

    Arabs trying to be Jewish.

    Bubbeleh please.

    • Yes yes yes says:

      The chutzpah on you my friend.

      I few things,

      1. Thats racist
      2. You’re a racist
      3. Culture doesn’t exist in a glass jar without interaction or exchange from other cultures.
      4.Don’t eat tacos because they come to shawarma. or pasta because it comes from asia.
      5. Don’t eat tomatoes or potatoes or peppers because they all come from south america. All food containing those products from the 16th century are cultural appropriation according to your backwardness small-minded, infantile leftist view of the world.
      6. The chinese food you refer too is most likely not chinese food. But an americanized version of chinese food much like most likely your concept of mexican food.
      7. Specific to pastrami, pastrami actually comes from romanian pastrami which comes from turkish basterma. So don’t eat pastrami.
      8. I shudder at the thought of someone joining you at a restaurant, only to see you inquirying and inspecting the races of the kitchen staff like some kind of moron facist.
      9. You’re a racist. Don’t be a racist.

      I hope next time you open your mouth, a bird shits directly into it.
      The shit going into it will be more palatable than the shit that seems to be coming out of it.

    • Fawaz says:

      I see your point but it’s kinda impossible to convince some dude in New York who is Jewish and knows the deli business to set up shop here , if it’s good eat it is all that matters. That aside I don’t understand what bubbeleh is ? And I don’t get Arabs trying to be Jewish ? Jews aren’t a race and I doubt you have to be Jewish to understand how this specific food is created….

      • Hey Fawaz says:

        Hey Fawaz.
        I wrote a follow up comment RIGHT after I posted the first comment which was supposed to be facetious.
        You can read the comment below. I just said that I was completely joking and that I wish the owners of the deli the best of luck. .
        Obviously I don’t care where someone who cooks my food comes from. My favorite restaurants here are Cocoa Room and St. Al Makan. The chefs there are Indian and Filipino and they’re wonderful, talented and friendly people. I love them.
        The guy who responded back to me knew I was joking but still wanted to blow off steam on a total stranger cause that’s what people do here, life is really hard and so they need something cathartic. I understand. I think it’s someone I know. The guy I’m thinking of is a very bitter, privileged guy who thinks he can say whatever regressive crap he wants. But he’ll sooner or later be put in his place. Maybe he isn’t who I’m thinking of. Maybe it is just a guy who needed to blow off steam. He called me a “leftist” which I’m totally fine with. Leftists were the ones who opened the doors to Syrian refugees, the ones who we celebrate day in and day out. Not to mention, all the inspirational figures in our past and present were leftists whether it’s Jóhanna Sigurdardóttir or Vandana Shiva or Martin Luther King Jr.
        As for delis, I personally much prefer the delis scattered across America because they’re way more than just great restaurants, they’re also historical institutions that are fading away from us and community centers where people gather to celebrate and observe certain religious holidays.

  7. Yes yes yes says:

    I was 100% joking. It’s always great to have something new in the food scene here.

    Good luck!

  8. Altaf says:

    They really are amazing and we loved having them with us at Shakshooka Market. Glad they don’t have delivery, because I’m sure it would affect quality by the time the sandwich arrived. Best of luck to you, Untitled Deli! Looking forward to visiting soon.

  9. Dfine says:

    Very nice sandwiches, had them twice so far and loved it both times. Their potato salad is great, only problem to little of it.

    Would have wanted a bit more Rye bread options. Multi grain bun with Roast beef would be amazing.

  10. Ahmed says:

    Kinda on the pricier side, but what deli doesn’t serve over-priced sandwiches? Maybe Pret A Manger, but that’s like comparing McDonald’s to Elevation Burger. Apples & Oranges.

    Instead of opening such fancy shamsy places, the locals should take a page out of Singapore’s book and open more hawker center style affordable places to eat.

    • Jamal says:

      Rent my friend. Hard to server cheap food with rents and key monies.

      • Ahmed says:

        If you think renting is expensive here, you ought to visit Singapore sometimes, lol. Cost of living is through the roof over there, but they somehow manage to sell meals that cost a couple of buckaroonies.

        Living in Singapore; you’ll pay millions upon millions for a condo, the price of a loaded Porsche 911 Turbo for a base model Toyota Corolla that you can only legally drive for 10 years, BUT… food is cheap as chips.

        • Fawaz says:

          I think the difference between a southeast Asian hawker style area and kuwait is both rent and foot traffic with an added weather bonus, I personally love the hawker styled food but it’s something of a culture there which is not the case here, street food is the best after all.

          • Ahmed says:

            My thoughts on your comments:

            1. Weather- While I agree, most of these places don’t see higher than mid to low 30’s. You can make that happen with simple water coolers and ceiling fans here in Kuwait.

            2. Culture- Hardly anything is original in Kuwait anymore, which is not a bad thing but I’m just saying. Pretty much anything goes here, in terms of food, as long as it is halal.

            3. Footfall- With the exception of Malaysia and Indonesia, all other countries (Mainly just Singapore & Hong Kong) have vaguely similar (VERY vaguely, lol) population numbers to Kuwait.

            But at the end of the day, we can agree to disagree I guess.

            I still believe that cheaper food is the way to go, and hawker center style food courts can work. Especially with boosting tourism being high up on Kuwait’s agenda.

    • Tinderbox says:

      4KD for a Deli sandwich and a tiny side of salad is quite a bit pricier than usual even for Kuwait. Usually you get fries at least with your burger for that price but whatever, i’ll probably try this once and love it then be too lazy to ever go again since it’s just food and no matter how amazing it is, will come out of the other side in 6 hours or so lol.

      • Ahmed says:

        Exactly, lol.

        Mind you, 4 KD is actually quite reasonable for a deli sandwich, you can expect to pay $20 for a pastrami on rye at somewhere like 2nd Ave Deli on 33rd st and most other Jewish deli’s around Manhattan.

        TLDR: Deli food is over-priced. Maybe not over-rated, but definitely over-priced.

    • Twi8ted8un8hine says:

      I am pretty sure that hawker cemtre style eatery cannot pass government licensing and permit here in Kuwait….

  11. Ryan says:

    Ok so I just got back from eating there and it’s freaking amazing. We ordered 2 sandwiches and one of them the bread from the bakery was t up to par according to the owner so my wife picked something else. We talked to the owner for awhile about his process and he was nice enough to give my wife her original order but let us know the bread wasn’t right so we got to try the salt (corner) beef, the pastrami and the roast beef. Each one was GREAT!!! Our fav was The Mountain with potato salad (which was the perfect size for a side). We talked with the owner some more about their awesome pickles and expressed how good we thought the food was and I told him he now has new customers for life it was just that good!!!

  12. Fahad says:

    Fantastic food, hope they maintain this quality and taste and not become another one of those concepts that die out in a year or two coz they owners get bored or cash-out.

  13. Fawaz says:

    Ah ! Your a saint Mark ! Been craving a deli sandwich for decades ! Definitely gonna be a regular there.

  14. 3azeez says:

    My mouth is watering! You’re going to make me wait until 4pm? ;p

  15. Kulsum says:

    good job on the branding!

  16. Ali Almail says:

    To be honest… tried it last thursday. الله يزيد النعمه

    Havent had a deli sandwich but i know my meats and theirs was bad. I might have cought a bad day and i will give them a try in 2 months but not expecting it to be better

  17. yessi says:

    I love turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce but can’t find them in Kuwait. Do they serve them or plan to?

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