Niqashna – A Community Platform for Open Debates

Post by Mark

Niqashna is a platform for open debates that was launched early this year. In the first season they held three debates that discussed the following Kuwait related topics:

Debate 1: Arranged Marriage vs Love Marriage
Debate 2: Should children of Kuwaiti women be granted citizenship?
Debate 3: Kuwait’s Demographics: An imminent crisis or a potential opportunity

Niqashna is now starting their second season with their first debate being held this coming Wednesday. The subject of discussion is “Developing the Islands: Do you support ‘open’ tourism for Kuwait’s islands?”. It should prove to be a very interesting discussion, so if you’re interested in going to it, you can get more details [Here]

Also make sure you check out and follow the Niqashna instagram account @niqashna

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  1. k says:

    i hope they consider uploading their debates online.

  2. Mu says:

    Or go to any Diwaniya in Kuwait where these debates happen every single day.

    • Mark says:

      Diwaniya’s are private spaces, male only and are invite only, this on the other hand is open to the public and is mixed. You can’t compare.

      • W says:

        Male only, probably. Invite only, not necessarily. The concept of a diwaniya is that everyone can be connected and communicate to one another in a safe space of discussion. Diwaniyas being male only is not necessarily true either. Yes, I can agree that diwaniyas are more male-dominated but that is because of our old way of thinking. Safaa Al Hashem went to diwaniyas, so did Rola Dashti. They did so to reach a larger audience for the elections and connect to more people in the community. There are some stigmas that a diwaniya holds that quite honestly are not so prevalent with younger generation. There are more foreigners in diwaniyas. There are coed diwaniyas. It all depends what you’re referring to is a diwaniya or a diwan because those are two completely different things.

        • Mark says:

          of course there are exceptions but i’m talking in general, diwaniyas are private gatherings of friends and usually only male. you can’t just walk into one. so yeah you’ll find gatherings with woman but that’s the exception not the rule. Niqshna on the other hand is a public event and everyone is free to attend so thats why it can’t be compared to private gatherings.

          • 3azeez says:

            Actually with Dewaniyas you can actually just walk into one.

            We’re talking about real dewaniya… not the kids gathering and playing playstation kind of dewaniya.

            I remember there used to be a printed list of Dewaniyas and the days they’re open (yup, dewaniya… not dewan.)

  3. Ahmad says:

    Hey Mark have you considered writing about Airsoft guns in Kuwait and what about their laws here?can i bring them with my travel bag? if not can someone recommenced me places to play them other than Milsim which is TBH very expensive and they take advantage of the people.

  4. Ipsom says:

    Did they used to be named cultural diwaniya? Or something like that

  5. Ipsom says:

    And I hope they ban all present and past parliament members from participating

  6. Abdulla says:

    Debate without free speech is like an airplane without a pilot.

  7. 3azeez says:

    Debating with people that lack logic or even acceptance of the other-side opinion is pointless.

    At a younger age they taught us that the uneducated tend to be closed minded and lack acceptance of others. Today, what I’m seeing is the higher the education the more closed minded the person becomes. It’s as if once they reach a level of education (mix it with social class) they start building walls around them. It is not that they do not understand the words… but they rather not listen to them.

    Those debates are not to introduce ideas and discussing ideas… but rather showing off ones skill and build a CV to justify the wasta that will facilitate the position they’re going to get.

  8. Dean says:

    Or you could use Reddit, debate all you want and freedom of speech too.

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