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Not sure if you know this or not, but like watching people play video games is a huge thing, watching people eat is also a pretty huge, at least in Asia. The actual term for it is mukbang which is a combination of the Korean words for eating and broadcasting.

The first time I came across a video of someone eating was back in 2012 when I posted about Emmy who was sent a box filled with sweets and snacks from Kuwait to try. Nowadays though the videos I tend to watch don’t have any talking, they’re usually just of someone sitting in front of their phones and broadcasting themselves eating something. The only sound you’ll hear come from any crunching or slurping that’s taking place. An example is the video above which has 24 million views and is just of a guy eating some crispy fried chicken.

I’ve always found this fascinating so when a friend of mine called Fajer started doing something similar here in Kuwait I got super excited. I’ve known Fajer for years, she’s always been a big foodie and I always love going out to eat with her. Recently she started gaining popularity with her food eating videos. At first, she started posting them on her personal instagram account, but then she got invited by the popular local food account @q8food to do live broadcasts of herself eating there. That’s when she really started blowing up and now even has her own account @fajereats.

I honestly think its a brilliant idea and I’m not only saying that because she’s a friend. With every girl in Kuwait left and right trying to be a fashionista, I love how Fajer is having fun by just being herself in front of the camera, stuffing down a 5 patty burger because she feels like it.

So if you’re into mukbang or curious to check it out, she does a live broadcast a few times a week on @q8food and you can also check out some videos on her own account @fajereats.

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Oh yeah. Mukbang n ASMR is def becoming a huge thing all over the world. Recently i happened to watch a video of Trisha Paytas as she was mentioned by someone and I couldn’t believe she has over 4 mil subscribers on YouTube. Nice to see Fajer do something different from the rest. Got to love someone who is unapologetically herself.

I’ve known about people eating videos for years now, most of those videos (if not all) about ASMR, that’s why you don’t hear the person talking in those videos just eating, the sounds the eater makes like biting, slurping, chewing, crisping..etc all supposed to be relaxing sounds that helps people get ASMR.
I’ve been an ASMR watcher for 8-9 years now so I know this shit 🙂

I am an ASMR junkie. For me it’s not sounds as much as it is touch and visuals.

I could watch someone hoovering and get a tingling feeling. When I have a haircut and the barber starts on the back of my neck I get crossed eyed.

At first I didn’t understand what it was.

I see a therapist from time to time. I mentioned it once and she told me it’s normal. It’s called ASMR.

I looked into it and was gobsmacked that I was not the only one.

I felt like I found a new family and community, lol.

My wife just doesn’t get it. I try to explain that it is the bestest bestest feeling in the world but she doesn’t get it. I don’t care. She is the one missing out.

I watch ASMR videos from time to time with headphones on at a reasonable volume. I fall asleep.

I love my ASMR community.

Along these lines, where is the best, crispiest fried chicken (not strips) in Kuwait? I totally need fried chicken now!!!

I think it was RHS who did one of these videos a few years ago advertising a crispy chicken sandwich.

That was the first time I saw or heard of this. Never knew it was a fetish lol.

I think it was RHS who did one of these videos a few years ago advertising a crispy chicken sandwich.

That was the first time I saw or heard of this. Never knew it was a fetish lol.

don’t know, i think if there was a burger eating competition i’d destroy everyone. Don’t think anyone can eat burgers as fast or as much as me.

they do!!!
Haagendaz had one in avenues a few weeks back, it was called the brain freeze challenge.
1st to finish half litre bowl gets 3 scoop free for 3 months :p

The first time I ever heard of Mukbang was in one of my Korean Dramas (years and years and years ago) and thought it was the funniest thing ever! On paper, it seems perfect for a country like Kuwait where all people DO is eat.

Also, Fajer is adorable!

Mark, count yourself as lucky for not hearing about ASMR until now. When it hit the region, my Whatsapp was bombarded by everyone and their dog sharing the most inane ASMR vids.

Also, how about doing a post on your sneaker collection?

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