It’s not the tastiest

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Maybe a bit too honest…

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  1. Mohammer says:


  2. Ahmed says:

    humble but too honest that paints the product on negative light.

    • ad guy says:

      “too honest”? What does that even mean?

      “paints the product in a negative light”? How so? It’s being honest. Does every ad have to have cliche taglines that promise you the moon and stars? It’s a breath of fresh air for a company to tell their customers exactly what their product is, not the tastiest, but still tasty. It makes me want to buy and support their products because they’re being straight with me.

      People are skeptical of advertising, and one of the main reasons is because ads over promise or have 100 disclaimers in tiny text that you can barely read. You’re automatically conditioned as a consumer to ignore advertising because you know you can’t trust what companies say in their ads.

      That’s why this works.

  3. simple man says:

    Not the cheapest but cheap

  4. boom says:

    A perfect example of the state of the advertising industry in this country.

  5. Franchise Nation says:

    But it’s very testy.

  6. Mohammer says:

    Does this ad carry the same meaning in Arabic? It is not just poor translation, right?

  7. khindjal says:

    My favorite is the American United School’s slogan “…A better choice”.

    Implying that it’s not the best choice… but it’s better than whatever your low standards currently are.

  8. Big Jack says:

    The brand name is “Wind” !

    They should’ve just wrote “It gives you winds”.. Now that’s more honest than Redbull

  9. Sam says:

    lol…what a foolish way to market a brand..

  10. Kuwait says:

    Hahaha… a product titled WIND, being advertised near the exhaust of a bus and talking about taste.


  11. Stu says:

    They got free advertising space on this (and probably a few other blogs/instagrams/shares etc). So maybe there’s something to it.

    I’d never heard of the brand but now I have.
    I’d never seen the product but now I have.
    If I see it in a shop I’ll remember it.

    And if I do, might I not buy it out of curiosity or subliminal brand recognition? I might.

    The glass might be half fuller on this one.

    We see many ads we’re inured to them and it’s the ones that stand out that work.

    A classic case of no such thing as bad publicity?

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