Wrong time, wrong place

Post by Mark

Kuwait Times

Not the best location for a Jazeera Airways ad… right under a picture of a crashed airliner.

Thanks Kamatcho80

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  1. Meshari says:

    At least it’s not the Jazeera Airways plane.

  2. A&B says:

    “Kuwait to deport expats for second traffic offence”

    Now that’s good news.

  3. steve_leb says:

    and hang citizens for second traffic offense.. (since they cant deport them).. lol

  4. Cerebral Assassin says:

    they cant?i was like wtf :s?

  5. ar53nal14 says:

    This is Digg stuff!

  6. Q8GEEK says:

    good thing i’d travel after i finish my summer semester

  7. The poor jazeera people… how would they know that they were going to put the crashed airplane pic there… and they thought the front cover would be perfect… !!

  8. MYK says:

    LOL, I keep comming back. This is so ironic, on so many levels!

  9. TanGo says:

    I wander what type of offense they are referring to.. The traffic department wakes up every few months and then no one knows exactly what’s going on.. Is there a government web site where they publish the new regulations!

  10. reco says:

    Tango, check this out. sorry I could not find the English version of that. I think because it is only for Arabs.

  11. Cymraeg says:

    That’s why it’s an ad for a SALE ;-)

  12. TripleM says:

    Man..Kuwait Times people know really how to organize their content just to match the need of their clients. Or maybe they are just like Google Ads , the ads displayed matching the content of the page.

  13. Mr Burkitt says:

    What’s even more eerie is the picture they have of the crashed airline resembling the livery on a KU plane.
    Heaven forbid!

  14. Mr Burkitt says:

    many a slip between the cup and the lip
    “………crashed airliner.”

  15. TanGo says:

    Thanks reco – Arabic is fine..

  16. Angelo says:

    “Carter Meets Hamas Official”


  17. Dia says:

    cant help commenting..but i feel the citizens drive more rash n crazy than the expats..

  18. A&B says:

    Thats because the indians driving gets on the citizens nerves

  19. Dia says:

    nw tats a typical racist speaking..

  20. KiCKiNgAsS says:


  21. mirc25 says:

    expats will be deported then what about citizens , they gonna hang them !!!

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