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LUSH Kuwait

Nataly should actually be writing this post but since she doesn’t post much anymore I am going to post about it. We passed by LUSH tonight in Central Plaza which opened not too long ago and the place honestly makes The Body Shop feel like McDonalds. They have some really cool soaps that all smell amazingly good and are very natural and handmade. You buy the soaps per gram and although the prices aren’t cheap its kinda understandable why they cost this much. Although there isn’t anything else in Central Plaza to check out its worth passing by just for LUSH. [Link]

LUSH Kuwait

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  1. Duckey says:

    Thaaaanx :D i was looking for the shop since i sow it in Taw eleail tv show , they did not mention the location , but where is ” Central Plaza ” ?!

  2. Mark says:

    Central Plaza is on the same street as Sultan Center in salmiya. Do yo know where Armani is or the hotel thats on the corner with old kuwait style architecture? Thats where Central Plaza is, there is Cinescape in it also.

  3. Duckey says:

    Thanx again.

  4. Mark: we call it Salmiya Plaza :>

  5. TripleM says:

    don’t you think its a bit g@# to be posting about it…((KiDDiNG))
    Is it where Mother Care and Chicken Tikka is??

  6. Millagin says:

    Oh man, I love lush! I mean, Im a guy and I love it.

  7. ananyah says:

    I love walking into Lush all those smells and amazing!

  8. ??? says:

    No TripleM, it’s located at an intersection of Salem Al Mubarak St. It’s the white mall with Ghani palace, not far from Mariam centre and Ibis hotel.

  9. MK says:

    What are the range of prices?

  10. Angelo says:

    Need more pictures to see if it looks good or not.

  11. fofo says:

    the subject of architecture is so dear to me. so i want to clear something out. central plaza’s architectural style is far from the old kuwaiti architecture. the architectural style of this building is pigeons house.

  12. Hamitaf La B says:

    oooh I didn’t know that we had it in Kuwait.. AWESOME… will definately go there…

  13. Q8Sultana says:

    I LOVE their shampoo called BIG. It’s contains sea salt, and has a weird consistency, but the smell is amazing, and it makes the hair super shiny :o)
    Who brought lush to Kuwait? AlShaya?

  14. Chirp says:

    What are the timings? Are they open on fridays?

  15. dandoon says:

    Salmiya Plaza is infront of AUK.

    Q8Sultana, 4 Kuwaiti guys brought Lush, not AlShaya (for a change!) :)

    Chirp, opening hours are 10-1 & 5-9 from Saturday to Thursday and 5-9:30 on Fridays:)

  16. pearls says:

    mark, what did you get? and did you try their products out?

  17. susheeh says:

    i want them ‘sexy bombs’

  18. Cer!se says:

    WHAT??! we have LUSH in Kuwait??!
    I didn’t know…

  19. Are these the same guys who gave us D’lush?
    I should hope not.

  20. Mark says:

    I got a shampoo with a tin can for it, and nat and me also got some hand soap and she got this skin moisturizer with glitter.

  21. dandoon says:

    Unspoken Dialogues, nope!

  22. Sarah says:

    didnt they have a store at the Muhallab when it first opened and it then closed down?

  23. Snake says:

    those people who got the franchise is bunch of crocks .. they said their the ones who created that soap [lush] in the interview on al watan !! uhh doh !! please give me a break.

  24. Mark says:

    Snake: The newspaper probably misunderstood or miswrote, it happens.

  25. Snake says:

    mark on live tv .. al watan channel. :)

  26. MYK says:

    Yeah, I’ve seen it too. They claim to manufacture the soap themselves. So, are they a franchise or a local manufacturer. Maybe this is like Best Buy Kuwait :P

  27. newbride says:

    i did get some of it when i was in Venice last summer 7adaa eshaweg

  28. dandoon says:

    sarah it isn’t! it’s the first lush store in kuwait.

    snake and myk, i saw the interview and the guy didn’t say they maufacture it, he said “inyeeba min barra” (they import it)…

  29. OMG they brought it to K-Town??!!!! Great!! This means my luggage will be 10 kilos lighter everytime i come back from londres/roma!!!!! YAAAY! dyou know who owns it?

  30. Snake says:

    dandoon , why didnt they mention its from UK ? and it’s a franchise.
    ill try to get the video and post it on youtube just for you hun. ;)

  31. Folan says:

    If you want to experience LUSH, the real one, try their product when you go to london, since their factory is there, you will see more variety and Fresh product you wish to eat ;), Lush here is a joke comparing to UK

  32. Ghadan says:

    My husband and i discovered Lush in the streets of Amesterdam, people were just coming in taking their favorate soups and leave, it was like an everyday thing. My advice, dont miss the honey soup the smell is just so devine that i cant stop souping :) Its really good and some of the products are edible :)

  33. Musa'ad Haider says:

    Expensive hand made soap!!

    Why does that remind me of Fight Club? Oh yes…I remember why…..

  34. Hi all, thnx for posting this subject. its nice to know that most of you ppl know and like lush :) Snake and MYKE.. im one of the Kuwaiti partners and one of the 2 who appeared on AlWatan tv. Nadia Sager asked me directly if we manufacture it in Kuwait and my answer was NO unless for some products which are the fresh face masks which i happen to take a full month training course for, will have these in the upcoming months. i will post the interview myself on youtube and our facebook group, any lush fan would know that its from the UK so why would we lie and make us look like fools? plus we got the same products as in the UK and any other LUSH store all over the world, its also fresh since they manufacture our order then send it by AIR which takes less than a week to go through all that process :) anyways sorry for making a short story long.. Good luck would be nice to hear :)

  35. Snake says:

    i didnt hear you guys mention that you get it from Lush .. :)
    if you got a video of that .. please post it on youtube

  36. amani says:

    how long has lush been in kuwait?

  37. Taibah says:

    hi there :)
    thank you m7ammad for ‘bringing’ lush to kuwait :) we were very pleased to hear such a great thing :) .. hmm , i’m wondering wether you guys brought the facial masks or not yet? b-cuz they’re really great! i tried one last month in london, and i brought one with me, and was worried not to find it here in q8! so i went yesterday to check ur shop fot the first time :p, unfortunately, it was closed and according to the security, it was closed for the whole day!
    my question again is: are facial masks available now?
    thanks again :)

  38. Hi Taibah,
    thnx for ur interest in lush products :) about the fresh face masks, we are still waiting for the ministry of health approvals to start making the masks. Eventually Ill be making the fresh masks here in Kuwait because as u know they have a short shelf-life. all the essential ingredients are ready so its just matter of time. MOH has been giving us really hard time. If ud like to stay updated ur welcome to join our facebook group ( LUSH KUWAIT ) or send a blank email to to be added in the news updates :) again thanx for ur comments and im really glad that ppl here in Kuwait already know LUSH.

  39. Taibah says:

    hi m7ammad,
    so all we’ve to do is to be patient enough ;)
    i’ve just sent a blank email to the address you mentioned, and am looking forward for news about the kuwaiti lush :)

  40. Manal says:

    Hi girls,
    Do you know if there is a Lush store in Dubai? if yes, where?? Pleas elet me know as I am planning to travel to Dubai in eid:)

    Thank you in advance

  41. Cer!se says:

    hey Manal, you can only find LUSH in Dubai city center..

  42. Manal says:

    Oh! in which floor exactly? I will go there to city center directly

  43. Cer!se says:

    I think second floor, facing virgin..

  44. Manal says:

    thank you soooooooooooooooooo much:)

  45. Cer!se says:

    you’re welcome :)

  46. Sarah Mayy says:

    Yup, there’s one at Deira City Centre, Dubai.

  47. Manal says:

    you are very supportive, thx. what abot abu dhabi marina mall? can i also find lush there?

  48. Hi all, Eid Mubarak :)
    Manal: no its the only one in UAE. a new one is opening soon in Dubai, ill update you with the location soon enshalla. take care.

  49. Manal says:

    Hi All again:) I am now in Riyadh, do you know if I can find Lush there?

  50. Hamoud says:

    Hi im in Sultanate of Oman is there brunch in Oman?

  51. Amal says:

    the truth is i LOVE lush and when i heard it opened in kuwait i was more than thrilled but the prices are soooo high i couldnt belive a small peice of soap (100g,3.5oz) costs 4 KD + that is unbelivable and its is sooo much cheaper outside kuwait !! i spent over 100 KD no joke !! and i can promise u this not the last time im going to lush but if the prices stay like that i probably think it is !! sorry !! even though i love ur products !! i <3 lush !!

  52. Nidhi says:

    Is LUSH available in Abu Dhabi????

  53. Jodi says:

    Hello there, where can i find lush products in Dubai? i’ve bough some from Turkey and i love it!!! cant find it here in Dubai:(

  54. Noor says:

    How much is a bath bomb? are they all the same price?

  55. Zabir says:

    Can i have official website of Lush UAE

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