Digitizing Old Videos

Post by Mark

Like with the pager in my previous post, while going through old boxes at my parents place I also found a bunch of old Video8 camcorder tapes. Luckily I also found my old camcorder and although the battery no longer works, the camcorder still functions properly when plugged into power. So last night I decided to digitize some old tapes.

If you want to digitize your old videos that are on VHS tapes or camcorder tapes, its actually not that complicated to do so. I’m using the Elgato Video Capture which I bought around 7 years back and it works on both Mac’s and PC’s. The way it works is also pretty simple:

1) Plug the Elgato device into your computers USB port
2) Connect your old VCR or camcorder to the Elgato just like you would to your TV
3) Run the Elgato software on your computer and press record
4) Press play on your VCR or camcorder
5) Thats it. Once your’d done click stop and the software saves the file

So if you’ve got old tapes lying around it’s really not that hard to digitize them and if its important stuff, I’d try and get it done as soon as possible. Here is the Amazon link to the Elgato video capture device I use [Link]

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  1. Calvin says:

    Thanks! I have some really old camcorder cassettes lying around and will give this a try.

  2. Dun says:

    Where can I buy a VCR in Kuwait? I prefer brand new if possible.

  3. vv says:

    great post thanks

  4. Mr. Anonymous says:

    I have some old camcorder tapes (both in DV and mini DV sizes), but I don’t have a camcorder. So is there a way to get this done without the camcorder? Or do you know where they sell used camcorders in Kuwait? I prefer to do the conversions at home, so I don’t want to take the tapes to a shop and have them convert it for me.

  5. Ali Hasan says:

    Do you know if there’s a shop of some kind that does this locally?

  6. Ali says:

    Can you burn the old mini DV/VCR tapes on to DVD with this gadget?

    • Mark says:

      nope, i mean technically you could digitize the files onto your computer and then use a dvd writer and software to burn the videos back onto a dvd. but then in a few years you’ll probably want to digitize the dvds since they’re going extinct.

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