Kuwait Ice Skating Rink (1995)

Post by Mark

Just digitized this video taken at the Kuwait Ice Skating Rink back in April of 1995. 1991-92 is when I frequented the ice skating rink mostly and back then the music was amazing with hits like Snap – I got the Power and Soul II Soul – Back to Life. Still, the video above should bring back memories and if you look closely you can even spot the arcades in the background.

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  1. faf says:

    looks pretty much the same tbh

  2. fajer says:

    cute i used to go in the mid 2000s and i still remember the disco ball that used to be hung up lol it was alot of fun

  3. Maz says:

    I used to love the soggy fries served in the back!

  4. Bu_Jassem says:

    Hockey teams used it, you can join one if ya like

  5. vampire says:

    thank you

    used to serve my favorite fries

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