Get your number unlisted from Truecaller

Truecaller is a popular phone app that will show you the name of anyone that calls you even if you don’t have their phone number saved. Not very cool especially if you value your privacy. Turns out there is a way to get your number unlisted from their database. All you need to do is is visit their “Unlist” page, type your number and within the hour your name and number will be removed from their database. Here is the [Link]

Note: If you want to check and see if your number is listed, just go to their main page and do a search for your number [Link]

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Thanks for highlighting this. Not sure how they are pulling this off, but sadly as we become more social, our window on privacy gets smaller every day.

i’m confused,it gives you an option when you first install the app to enable ‘enhanced search’ which also means that true caller can access your contact even if you disable ‘enhanced search’ your contact list gets uploaded?

i didnt install any program on my phone, i tried it from the PC and its scary.
I think its trawling the net and collecting all the info we leave on the net, like on facebook and other sites.

That’s not how it works. As I mentioned to cajie when u install the app it uploads your contacts to their database. If you found your number is means one of your contacts installed the app.

so if I save a number as xx (name)in my contacts and someone else saves it as yy (bo sum1), which name would it take?

They don’t even confirm if it’s your actual number by sending an SMS first. You can wipe anyone’s number from their database, but I wonder if someone installs TrueCaller later on and has my number in his database, will it appear yet again or not.

I just send them an email to ask question.

Turns out even if we unlist number, and someone else who have us in their contact list and use trucaller, their database gets upadated with our number again. And this is annoying…

This is actually really stupid. It’s like the only way to avoid being on their database is to not give your phone number to anyone :/

How is this kind of app allowed in market. I know most of the apps steal our data, but atleast they dont allow public to search…

Well you are allowing the app to have access to your contacts so they’re not exactly hiding it. Facebook also has access to your contacts.

The only way your number and name gets on the app is because someone you gave your number to saved your number and name and used that app. The issue is they’re letting your friends and whoever you give your number to, to opt you into this without your consent.

and it seems like for one to check if their number is listed they have to sign in? now thats quite inconvenient.

It is both a bane and a boon… The app is very useful when someone calls you up and you don’t have that person’s number, you would still know who called you up. Especially good when spammers call you. On the other hand, your number does get listed… What they should do is make their database inaccessible via internet and other media. The number and name details should only show up to the person you are calling. This of course means you can’t prank call someone with the app! 😀

It has helped me avoid answering a couple of stalking calls. So, I wouldn’t rubbish the app as yet. 🙂

How about Kuwait passing a law in which they ask Trucaller to delete all the numbers from their database starting with +965… If Europe can, why cant Kuwait to…

Actually, there are many situations where you wouldn’t want the other person to know who you are.

For example when calling classified ads, when you dial a wrong number by mistake, calling any shop/institution for information, etc.

In all these situations, your name will appear to the person whom you called. Your address or pictures may appear too, if they are present in their database.

I get maybe 6 sms a week from various shops and businesses in Kuwait.

Some in Arabic, some in English.Is there any way of blocking this unsolicited spam?

If you have ever posted your number in IndiansInKuwait forum, I started getting same after posting my email id and number…

Sultan Centre loyalty card.

I bet they sold my number on……that’s the only in Kuwait company that has my number.

my problem is major….they r displaying someone else’s name instead of mine……is their any solution do replyyy

install app , confirm number , change name to what you want in the app and after change hope someone else does not delete it from their database or it will get changed after deletion again!!

I tried unlisting my number, it doesn’t work! They keep asking for different verification codes even though I typed it correctly the first time! Also, it has synved my Facebook DP with truecaller! How can I remove it?

I tried but it always shows “failed” try angain later :/ I don’t want anyone to search my number on true caller. Please help asap

Any idea how someone’s number in the USA could show up as a mobile number in Kuwait on truecaller ?
Happy New Year!

I never had truecaller account but a friend of mine typed my name and got my phone number and my photo. That photo is my current facebook profile picture. Im really hating this invasion of privacy.can someone pls tell me how to remove my no. and photo from the app.I tried unlisting four days ago but apparently my details are still available on d app

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