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The Prestige Bathrooms

Strange subject I know but the bathrooms at The Prestige section of Avenues Phase III are probably the nicest bathrooms I’ve ever seen in any mall. Every stall is a bathroom by itself with its own sink, bidet, large mirror and of course the toilet. They’re clean and I don’t think get much foot traffic unlike all the other bathrooms in Avenues which are generally horrible (but still way better than Souk Sharq and Marina Mall). So if you’re ever at The Avenues and want to use the bathroom, head to The Prestige ones.

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I plan my trips in Kuwait around going to the bathroom – I never use outside toilets. Even going to the airport, I go before I go and don’t drink too much liquids and pee when I get to Dubai because most of my flights go through Dubai. All these cleaning workers and no one understands how to clean a toilet?#$#$ But they are generally built disgusting, this toilet looks decent, but still I would leave the mall and go home to use the loo.

mark, they have the same in phase 1 as well not as lavish but very clean nice and each cubicle has its own sink and wash facilities, there is only about 8 tho and very rarely used but very nice

instead of noticing bathrooms, have you notice what is opposite pizza express in grand avenues. pizza joints are very family oriented places, and usually older kids are involved.opening That place opposite pizza express was a shock to me.

it isnt, but opposite to a family joint……………………..

young 12 year old boys were feasting their eyes on nude dummies, while munching on a pizza.

Think like a parent.

Mark, you’re married. How much time does your wife take in the bathroom? … it is genetic….

Invididual bathrooms may be a great idea for men because you guys are kind of in and out, but it causes big problems in the ladies room.

Why? Because if they place a mirror in a private bathroom (or even if they don’t because we all bring our own), most women will likely stay in the stalls for long periods of time (especially in Kuwait), putting on make-up and primping.

It means that women have to stand in line to wait to use the toilet – or to wash for prayer.

When ya gotta go, ya gotta go. I’m not beneath banging on doors of stalls when women have been in there too long, and God knows we don’t need any more violence at the Avenues!

Phase I of the Avenues re-designed some of the private stalls because of this. The standard approach of small stalls is the better way to go in the ladies room (although your pictures are lovely!)

Ingenious embedded advertising for the Prestige district @ the Avenues via the john 🙂 Do they carry toilettries from Salvatore Ferragamo and hand towels from Muji?? Some more embedded advertising there…..

All we are asking for are spotlessly clean Toto toilets with warmed up seats and warm flooring.
It wouldn’t hurt outsourcing to a Japanese cleaning and contracting company to maintain the washrooms in the Prestige district of the Avenues. A nominal charge for the use of the Prestige rest rooms would go some way in preserving the prestige of the Prestige @ the Avenues, I think.
Bye the bye, reading this post- me and my husband have decided to take our 9 children to the Prestige for an outing this weekend to check out their fancy rest rooms 🙂

If this is the best toilets you have ever seen in a mall, then I’m sure you haven’t seen Dubai Mall’s Fashion District bathrooms.

And this is coming from someone who prefers Avenues over Dubai Mall.

Pee-ing options just got better in Kuwait, don’t you think with the opening of the Prestige rest rooms?! 🙂
My weekend f***k buddy who is somewhat English challenged still thinks the rest rooms are designed for tired shoppers to rest and relax in the privacy of their cubicles after a grueling walkathon thrust on them, navigating the Avenues Phase I through III.

Reading this entry one could be forgiven for thinking it’s a contest to the finish between the urinals at the Avenues and the Dubai mall. Wonder which of the two smells more aromatic?!

Too bad they don’t still have shower facility in them with Crabtree & Evelyn toilettries. The Avenues Prestige bath rooms are rapidly emerging as the place to be- to meet, shake hands and more with the bold and the beautiful in Q8. Thanks to your entry; it’s turning into a uber cool place to pick up smegmalicious fellas.

Found them a bit spooky for my liking. Tried real hard to spot the portable tooth brush and condom vending machines but tough luck! couldn’t locate them either. It kinda took me back to 36 Oak & Barley at Kemps Corner in Mumbai where they have bathrooms the exact replica of the ones at Prestige with LED screens playing Moulin Rouge. The Avenues should definitely upp the ante with screenings of Eyes Wide Shut or somesuch suitable screening while people relieve themselves.

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