Christian Louboutin in Kuwait

Post by Mark

Christian Louboutin will be in Salhiya on Sunday at 3PM for the Christian Louboutin exhibition as well as a shoe-signing. Not sure if the shoe-signing is open to the public but it’s worth taking your shoes and trying.

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  1. Talal says:

    my friend called the boutique and they said that it has to be a new shoe (not used)

  2. Mathai says:

    Is he the guy who paints the soles red?

  3. neoark25 says:

    I want exactly these shoes, what are they called? and where I find black ones, doesn’t have to be same brand. :p

  4. The shoe’s a quite comfortable .. who will be doing the shoe signing though?

  5. Charles says:

    I have enjoyed your blog in Kuwait for a few years now and found it quite informative for me as an expat, however, now I am moving to Dubai and I was wondering if you knew of a blogsite like yours in Dubai? I can’t seem to find one – Thanks!

  6. Louboutious says:

    Are you going to be there Mark for the gala VIP dinner and cocktails for Monsieur Louboutin at the Veranda, HNK??
    I may have some passes to give away.

  7. hanan says:

    i have cuple of them they r sooo uncomfy!!!! i wish i can see and complain to him, he has to make a better quality :P

  8. 7ins says:

    waste of money, i found other high end brands more comfortable to wear

    • Mark says:

      You’re not paying for comfort. If you want comfort buy crocs.

      • 7ins says:

        as i said comparing it to other “HIGH END BRANDS” u still pay same amount for comfort luxury.. u don’t consider cross as high end brand!!!!

        • 7ins says:

          as i said comparing it to other “HIGH END BRANDS” u still pay same amount for comfort luxury.. u don’t consider crocs as high end brand!!!!

        • Mark says:

          All i’m saying is you’re not paying for comfort. The general rule is the more uncomfortable the better the shoes look hence why women are usually always complaining about how their feet hurt. Don’t you watch Sex in the City? ;)

          • 7ins says:

            yup i do, that’s way its every woman dream to have sexy luxurious drop gorgeous high heels that also comfortable to wear, i guess this should be shoe maker resolution for 2013 :P

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