Dr. Oz coming to Kuwait

Post by Mark

According to a source of mine, Dr. Oz is coming to Kuwait at the end of summer for a nutrition related event. For those of you who don’t know, Dr. Oz is a doctor who has a television talk show called The Dr. Oz Show in which he discusses medical and science related topics. The video above is an example taken from one of his episodes. [YouTube]

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  1. JamilS says:

    Awesome, i went to his Studio in my last NYC visit

  2. Wishbone says:

    Top 3 casual hobbies:
    Eating at a restaurant
    Ordering fast food to be delivered
    Taking a crap

    Top 3 dieting attempts:
    I just ate frozen yoghourt at Pink Berry. Its healthy right ?
    I just ate a posh burger. Its healthier than McD and BK ?
    I just had a big home cooked meal. Its home cooked must be healthy?

    On that not …

    Top 3 adrenaline hobbies:
    Driving fast
    Passing a red light
    Driving fast and passing a red light

    With that bombshell we conclude our show …

  3. Buzfairy says:

    I heard that too. I didn’t believe that at first, but now I guess it’s real.

  4. Are you sure it’s not Dr. Foz??? LOLLL!!

    I got a spam email today regarding the Dr. Foz online magazine: http://www.snlmanager.com/LetterView.aspx?V=1&LID=MltEthtVzPkqhOgB2AVbr1kZaPaSz6p%2f9sljHfO56vaLW3kbKVjhs4jooOyQvI2w

    LOLLLLLLLL!!!!! :-P

  5. desert sky says:

    Guess his first topic will be…obesity.

    • Wishbone says:

      Lies, obesity doesn’t exist here.

      We’re not fat …. Theres just more of us to like ….
      I’m not fat, I’ve got a “gland” problem ….
      I’m trying to lose weight, its just too hot in summer and too cold in winter …
      I’m on a diet …. for the past 10 years …. I just need to start …
      I’m cutting back, I eat junk food once a day …
      Obese !! But I’m the thinest of my brothers ….
      Why is the airline charging me for 2 seats ?

  6. desert sky says:

    Guess his first topic will be…obesity.

  7. neoark25 says:


    ask him any cure for damaged cartilage in ankle…

  8. shagy says:

    any idea exactly when will he be coming ?

  9. John says:


  10. Mathai says:

    Is it just me or does he sound a lot like Denis Leary?

  11. Safa says:

    More details please

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