Behind the scenes at the traffic department

Post by Mark

They’re watching us! [YouTube]

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  1. They may be watching but very little is being done to protect us from the lunatic drivers terrorizing the rest of us on the road.

    • xandra says:

      can’t you see? crazy driving,swerving over speeding, wrong parking, no seat belt and so on are being fined automatically that technology and verdict is revealed upon registration again!

      • Gijo Paul George says:

        Awesome!! I hope more people are aware of this s that they will think twice before breaking the law!

      • Nicolas says:

        Video cameras can’t be used for detect plate numbers of speeding cars. Camera need time for focus and it’s impossible even if car speed is 80 km/h (it’s ~22 meter per second!). Because of this issue all world including Kuwait using “speed cameras” (radar+photo camera focused on one spot).

        Crazy drivers can be stopped by strict traffic police only. Yesterday on 30 highway some crazy was driving around 180 km/h, just pass traffic police car but they don’t give a shit about it! He was driving new Mercedes G55 AMG and sure he has “wasta”. Traffic police officers already know if they stop luxury cars they have big “wasta” and because of this they don’t care anymore.

        Kill this stupid “wasta” tradition in Kuwait and there not will be crazy drivers, corruption and etc.

    • Danny says:

      correct! there are lots of lunatic drivers who scare us on the road!

    • newtokuwait says:

      It is December 2014 and I have been in Kuwait 2 months. The horrors described here I see everyday. From my very personal perspective (and very superficial, since I’m new to the country) all the money in the world can’t buy organization and culture. It is something you teach with example, with values at Home. I believe this country is far from civilized, still.

  2. Buzz says:

    That’s wonderful! In today’s paper the Chief of the traffic department said that about 75% of violations are committed by foreigners and those who don’t pay will be blocked from leaving the country until they do so.

  3. Spikz says:

    Oh man. This is freaky. Gotta be more careful with the belt and phone henceforth.

  4. Spikz says:

    Dyam. Now got to check if i got any fines.

  5. proud Kuwaiti says:

    This is awesome news! Law breakers are doomed!

  6. Wishbone says:

    Those cameras have been in place for a few years. I guess the operators thought it was a fancy screensaver ….

    Hopefully with the new wakeup call the ministry got they’ll actually work while sitting on comfy chairs in an air-conditioned room while being served cappuccinos an lattes.

  7. sam says:

    the music was soo funny… every time they showed an example it comes on. lmao
    maybe they might start a show like cops
    it would be epic

  8. lolguy says:

    First the fully armed swat team conducting raids at the houses of unarmed people and now this. And this guys is how a police state is born. Ofcourse nothing to worry about if you’re not an expat.

    • Adam (the original one) says:

      What armed swat teams? What is this about?

    • Mohammed says:

      In every country of the world, police carry around guns no matter what they are doing, I don’t see the point of your comment

      • Spikz says:

        Actually it was assault rifles. If he had the B@##’s to hold that gun during the gulf war I would salute him. But holding it in front of suspect illegal immigrants is laughable and silly.

      • lolguy says:

        @Adam the original, please see the image at this link-

        @Mohammed, there is a difference between assault rifles and and firearms the general police carry, depending on the kind of situation you are going to tackle. Before you generalize ‘every country’, please let me know which guns/firearms the bobbies of London carry.
        There is absolutely no issue with the cameras and weapons, but the issue arises since these are being used only on a certain section of the public.

    • Qster says:

      After the state Kuwait was in for the last couple of years I wouldn’t mind a police state.

  9. adam (apparently the fake one) says:

    Thats wicked cool!!

    Step in the right direction

  10. Nixon says:

    lol at the guy sleeping, should receive a hefty fine for that.

  11. hellppp says:

    got to be careful now

  12. Ali Sleeq says:

    I will withhold comment; maybe that will be outlawed too.

  13. Mrs. Mohammad says:

    Flying out in a couple days, checked for any fines or travel ban – nothing for me, alhumdilullah!

    The computer geek in me thinks this technology is awesome! I hope it helps lead to safer driving – I want to see the fines for having kids hanging out the sunroof, windows, or babies not in car seats next.

  14. Q8D says:

    Folks here used to complain about lack of traffic law enforcement and are now bitching about this new system. Some people are impossible to please.

  15. ibnturab says:

    These cameras do absolutely nothing. Its just a lazy-mans police duty and is an easy way to rack up fines. The driver is not going to recall that 1 year ago he/she was on the phone at this day/time. The sleeping driver probably thinks he was dreaming the whole thing up. He will most likely challenge the picture in court. Worst case scenario is that he will ask if he can use knet or cash. Real policing is a proactive job not a retroactive click away at the screen job. We need an active police unit that will run the white nissan safari’s who is driving like a maniac in the emergency lane going 200mph off the road and handcuffing their asses away. Now thats real stuff. Unfortunately, the traffic police are now doing the ministry of the interiors ‘dirty’ job of deportations/residency revocations. they need a separate entity for that and should keep the police focused on something that they are qualified to do, not something that is completely outside their jurisdiction.

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