Final Score: Jordan 21 – Kuwait 0

Post by Mark

A few days ago Jordan defeated Kuwait 21-0 in the Women’s Asian Cup qualifying. This comes after Kuwait lost to Uzbekistan 18-0 in the first qualifying round. You can watch all 21 goals in the “4 minute long” highlight reel above. [YouTube]

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  1. Rick says:

    They need a better keeper. Might have been 6-8 goals..

  2. Ashraf says:

    Kuwait is on course to get their name on guiness world records again!!!

  3. aseel says:

    how is this even possible.

  4. hellppp says:

    Jordan deserved to win.
    Kuwait can do better

  5. Wishbone says:

    Must have been a handball game :x

  6. Mahmood says:

    it would have been less shameful if the men’s national team dressed as women and played the game probably would have still lost .. but still less shameful

  7. Matt says:

    From what I understand, woman’s sport are rather new to Kuwait. Hang in there girls…you’ll get better. Keep trying.

  8. Ahmed says:

    how embarrassing…..

  9. spikz says:

    Ok so now even football is not a Kuwaiti women’s fort. Better stick to just shopping ladies.

  10. homosapian says:

    all respect to those Jordanian ladies, they are better than some of the striker in the premier league ! Go Maysaa !

  11. Mark says:

    As a goalkeeper myself I wouldn’t put all the blame on the womens team goalkeeper for the loss. It’s a team effort and if the defense is weak and allowing the other team to take this many shots or get close to the goal then it’s not the goalkeepers fault for not catching all the balls.

    • Richard says:


      Don’t think that anyone is putting ALL the blame on the goallie, but Rick is right in saying that she was not very impressive. I agree with him that at least 8 goals were easily stoppable; regardless of Kuwait’s bad defence.

  12. mashwy says:

    I would blame the STUPID and irresponsible A$$ coach for letting her team to get murdered like that, its a shame that she doesn’t give a f*&^ about her players emotions. she should know that her players are so not ready for this game level yet. why not train them more before throwing them to their guaranteed death !!! losing is not a problem, but this will kill your team.

  13. MI2 says:

    Shortage of maids in Kuwait due to crackdown on visa 20. No one to stop the ball and bring back.

  14. jkub says:

    if their purpose was to embarrass kuwait then they’ve succeeded

  15. Hanoosh says:

    r u sure we are talking about soccer here and not basketball?

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