Entertainment City Reopening by 2021

Post by Mark

According to the instagram account @tafteesh_kw, the government has stated that Entertainment City will be reopening by 2021. There aren’t any other details but I’m assuming the park is set to get renovated during this time.

Originally I heard the plan to renovate the park was put on the back burner after the price of oil plunged below $50 a barrel since the government decided to be more frugal with spending. The aging rides desperately needed an update and by the time the park had closed down, majority of the big rides like the Australian Log Ride and the rollercoasters weren’t working.

There were rumors about Six Flags being involved in the original renovation project, no idea if that is still the case or not but I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Photo by Ahmed Al Bather

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  1. Teyrx says:

    yeah, tafteesh is always a good source for info.

    • aaa says:

      Oh my god please don’t make me start on my tafteesh rant

      It’s basically just a guy talking out of his ass 90% of the time and people taking it as fact

      fake news

    • Gary says:

      I honestly thought tafteesh was a bad attempt at a satire account.

  2. Bask says:

    No Six Flags or any Mega organiser will enter Kuwait. Laws, market sizing and growth potential are 3 parameters that don’t suffice for international firms to consider doing business locally. They could come build it for you and maybe manage for a fee, but they won’t associate it as part of their network.

    • Mark says:

      Strategic location + ability to own 100% share of the business is why international firms ARE considering doing business locally.

      • Bask says:

        Dubai has a strategic location in addition to the ownership, but they also have active consumer base in millions . The market capacity is appealing to foreign investors because the UAE provides both domestic and regional crowda. Now, let’s go back to Kuwait, around 2/3 of the population are not a major purchase power and the country has no intention nor the infrastructure to appeal to the Mena region. At the end, location and ownership are the basis to start business, however they need the consumer. It’s all about market sizing

  3. Tinderbox says:

    tafteesh AKA Mazen the kid (he’s only 18 i believe or slightly older) is a real piece of work lol, he constantly re-posts shit content and makes a tonne of money doing so on other people’s backs. it’s really messed up but whatever, it’s Kuwait lol. He also has a lot of court cases pending on him for stealing people’s content I heard.

  4. Hamed Alfeeli says:

    trying go to tafteesh account and it said : is Sorry, this page isn’t available

    is account closed or shut down ?

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