Restaurants at the New Four Seasons Hotel

Post by Mark


The new Four Seasons Hotel is expected to open up in Kuwait early next year and one of the most anticipated things about the hotel is their fine dining options. Below is a list of all the restaurants that I’ve been told will be part of the new Four Seasons in Kuwait:

Sintoho – A Pan-Asian restaurant
Dai Forni – An Italian restaurant
Elements – A buffet restaurant
Al Bandar – Poolside lounge/restaurant
Al Sour – Lobby Lounge

I tried to find renderings of the two main restaurants Sintoho and Dai Forni but wasn’t able to. If by any chance someone has copies or finds any, then please share them.

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  1. Fawaz says:

    Saw the construction of this hotel constantly looks pretty neat, nice to see some new buildings popping up in that area. Try these restaurants once they open fo sure.

  2. klarinat says:

    Restaurant options seem quite safe and potentially boring. No Coya or sexy option at this Four Seasons, I guess.

    • zaydoun says:

      Did you really want Coya without its bar and Peruvian cocktails?

      • Dory says:

        Not everyone drinks. But its easy to enjoy Latin food without alcohol in my opinion as alcohol pairings aren’t highly prevalent given that cuisines predate the Europeans. In general, Kuwaiti hotels used to be a place to take culinary risks and they haven’t taken such risks in quite some time.

  3. Hotel restaurants in Kuwait are more often than not, mediocre and serve watered down versions of whatever ethnic cuisine they’re fronting.

    Except Ricardo, it used to be good, I don’t know how it’s doing now. Apparently, it’s still open.

  4. Rickstove Stunic says:

    Where is the Four seasons located?

  5. Navin says:

    Bang opposite Discovery Mall in the City…pretty close to Sharq as well

  6. meh says:

    Obscenely priced average food. The only two good hotel restaurants that are good in my opinion are Kei and Terrace Grill.

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