Rumor: Adele is Coming to Kuwait

Post by Mark

Over the weekend I was told that preliminary approval from the Ministry to bring Adele to Kuwait was given. If everything works out she’ll be performing at the Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre which has recently hosted other big name musicians like Yanni and Googoosh. Although, bringing Adele would be on a completely different level.

I wasn’t given any dates on when this might happen, but based on her schedule, it would be safe to assume that if it will happen, it would be sometime in the second half of this year.

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  1. Rohit says:

    Dammit. I left Kuwait permanently last week.

  2. MarhabaCFK says:

    Not sure many will be reading the blog today, thanks to internet disruptions nationwide. Hungry shark 🦈 helped himself to some sub-sea cables…

  3. Nasser says:

    That would be great. But I think one major issue is how booking for shows can be difficult as from what I heard from people, that tickets are apparently sold out in like a split second, which can be annoying

    • Mark says:

      thats EXACTLY how it is everywhere else in the world. I wanted tickets to Radiohead and when they put the tickets up for sale for all their tour dates, ALL got sold out in minutes. I mean literally I tried buying tickets to ANY of their concert dates in ANY of the countries they were performing in and I couldn’t get a single ticket even though I was at the website the minute they launched the tickets.

      So 4 million people in Kuwait, limited amount of seating and a popular performance = will sell out in minutes.

      i would say 90% of the concerts I’ve been to I’ve had to resort to buying tickets from scalpers.

      • Dun says:

        There you go Nasser. Now you should feel better about not getting a ticket.

      • adly says:

        I totally agree thats how it is everywhere. That said, JAC is tiny with a capacity of only 2500 seats so pretty small for someone like Adele, unless she does several nights which of course she wont do since this isnt Wembley…

  4. Sam says:

    Rumors has it

  5. Nas says:

    Well, one thing for sure is that Adele doesn’t come cheap. She’s easily selling out Wembkey Stadium (not arena) for an attendance of 90,000 people a night. A week’s performance at the venue has an attendance well over 500,000 people.

    What’s in it for her if she’s going to perform for a 1,000 people tops? Not only that, but she’ll be jetting all the way to Kuwait for that – when she can easily go home to her palatial mansion 30 minutes after her concert and over $4 million richer every night?

    Unless the tickets cost 1500 KD and upwards each, I don’t see this happening. The venue is simply too small to host such a superstar – no matter how new or presitgious the venue is.

    • Mark says:

      Well if she comes to Kuwait I’d assume she’d hit up Dubai and maybe Doha while she’s here. So it would be total income generated from performance in the region not just Kuwait that would make it worthwhile. Also the deal here might be sweeter because we don’t have taxes and it’s easier to not disclose income and send it off to her cayman islands bank account. In addition to cheaper venue rental and the fact people in the region would pay more for tickets and pay big money to meet her in person so I’m sure there is lots of side cash to be made which she wouldn’t usually get elsewhere.

  6. zaydoun says:

    The words “ministry approval” fill me with equal parts sadness and rage

    • Possom says:

      As soon as I saw it I though to myself. What the actual fuc*. Can’t they just make a huge concert at the massive stadium they built? Like in normal countries? And let the tickets be 50kd per person?

  7. lol8b says:


  8. stanley says:

    HELLO …..

  9. Yousef says:

    How are you? It’s me.

  10. 3azeez says:

    And just as usual the tickets will be reserved and passed on to the Privileged and only handful left for the normal people. I won’t get too excited about this event.

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