Fireworks Show Tonight

Just a reminder, the fireworks show is happening tonight at 8PM. They’ll be closing down the Gulf Road from the 2nd Ring Road all the way to the British Embassy from 5:30PM onwards.

If you’re planning to watch the show, you might be trying to figure out where to park. My recommendation is Al Shaheed Park Phase 1 (or the Al Khalejia Parking lot but that place gets busy at night anyway and is probably muddy because of yesterday’s rain).

The reason I’d recommend Al Shaheed Park is that the parking is huge and is designed with heavy traffic in mind. There is also a pedestrian bridge right outside which allows you to cross the busy highway without any danger.

There is also an underpass with a raised sidewalk that will also allow you to cross under a strip of highway again without any danger. After that, the only road you have to cross is the Gulf Road which will be closed to cars anyway.

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Has anyone figured out yet why we are having these fireworks? People returning to Kuwait from a long break sounds like the right reason, but I wonder if there is another?

Thank you Mark for always helping out with tips & hacks, if you can share also for Shuttle services stops, would be great, since with kids its bit harder…

The July 4 fireworks happening now on 28 Feb. The fireworks spectacular promises to be just that, spectacular. Can’t wait to watch the live streaming in the cozy comfort of our home.

Not only are you so weak that you can’t come up with your own pithy name, you’re hella lame with thinking that this fantastic event was a waste of anything. Stop taking up space and oxygen.

Have you seen the streets of Kuwait? Money could have been spent to fix everything and clean up the place but alas, entertaining people who don’t care is much more important 😂

You can second it all you want but that’s a dumb ass comment you’re supporting. TEC isn’t responsible for roadworks, they’re an entertainment company.

The roadworks department weren’t responsible for the fireworks, it’s not like they spent their budget on fireworks instead of paving the road. Don’t you guys know how businesses and governments work???? 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

It was amazing.
I had to drive for 2 hours from Salmiya to the city. Missed half of it. Got a partial view from the left side of Kuwait towers.
But the fireworks were amazing. My family and friends loved it. Sort of once in a lifetime experience to see it such amazing colours and lights up-close. The crowd was good. No hooligans or disturbance to ladies. A very nice festive mood. The police were doing their best to coordinate the traffic. They did good. Everyone had a great time except for my 5 year old daughter who was enjoying her fruit salad more.

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