Kuwait Towers Still Not Open

Post by Mark

The other day I shared an article from KUNA stating the Kuwait Towers were opening on February 25th. According to a couple of readers who visited the towers, that article was incorrect and the towers are still closed. But, according to a security guard at the towers, they will be opening on March 10th.

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  1. Now why does that not surprise me? Kuwait, gotta love it!

  2. GoogleIt says:

    So the 10th of March is supposed to be a good day? Heists is coming and also I’ll have the chance to go to Kuwait Towers. Naice.

  3. ivana says:

    When we went by, the guards said it will be opened after 6 months…i don’t think they really know….

  4. boujacob says:

    He told me 3 months from now “ba3ad thalath shihoor”

  5. Kliffy says:

    Government officials soft opened it on Feb 26th public opening March 10th serrvices are renovations are over just the final touches seen it in person and it’s beautiful.

    • Yusef says:

      I hate to disappoint u, Kuwait Towers need total renovation. The sphere mounted disks are falling (1st safety hazard) .The concrete is being tested to check whether it is possible to fill up with water (2nd Safety Hazard). Fire systems are also being updated (3rd Safety Hazard). The restaurants (demolished !!!) The glass itself need to be changed (discolored) SO, no opening on March 10th… You have to wait for your everyone’s safety!

      • Pandey says:

        If you hate to dissapoint them, you’re free to go and build it again. Don’t sit at homes and degrade Kuwait’s beauty.

  6. Joe says:

    Not surprised, after all ot is Kuwait and nothing is done properly.

  7. Faisal says:

    I work at TEC and the towers will take a while to refurbish bc there is asbestos in the ceiling and to make sure it’s a UNESCO heritage site.

  8. Anita says:

    When I inquired with an insider who is working there, he told us that there is a lot of interior work and maintenance to be done on Kuwait Towers and its restaurant and that it will open most probably, only after Eid ul Fitr (some time in July, that is)!!!!

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