Kuwait’s Military Strength

Post by Mark

According to the 2013 Global Fire Power Index, Kuwait ranks 63 worldwide in military strength. It’s a low ranking but thats because the index doesn’t take into consideration foreign military support. The highest ranking GCC country is Saudi Arabia in 27th place. Below are some interesting numbers related to Kuwait’s military:

Active Frontline Personnel: 14,500
Tanks: 368
Armored Fighting Vehicles: 932
Total Aircraft: 108
Helicopters: 44
Coastal Craft: 39

For the full ranking list and more details click [Here]

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  1. aa says:

    Mark, what are you trying to do by posting a topic like this? Start a war with Iran or WW3?

  2. Desert Girl says:

    Sounds good.

    How many tanks are actually operational?

    Does the Kuwaiti military still supplement personnel with foreign service members (Bangladeshi for example)?

  3. Nunya says:

    Wow, that’s some interesting numbers. Makes you wonder if they count like they count the amount of Kuwaiti’s in the Govt. departments.

  4. me says:

    Afghanistan’s ranking is 48?

  5. Ashraf says:

    Damn!!! India is 4th… and still people from other countries treat them like shit & thinks that they are still full of snake charmers..

    • nYx says:

      They will continue to think so and continue to consider the majority of Indians in the Middle East as “MENIAL LABOR FORCE” ~! If only instead of spending a whopping 35% ++ of its annual budget on defense they could have allocated / channelised towards alleviating poverty in India. And this comes from an Indian.

      Brickbats arent welcome.

      • Spikz says:

        This would only be possible if everyone in the Pakistan army become Buddhist monks.

        • nYx says:

          India can tame Pakistan at a place and time of its own choosing. Lets see if we can talk with the same passion when it comes to China??!!??

          Point is, everyone in the world is trying to ammase weapons of deadly force but who the effs gonna use it? You? Me? Thats a crock of bull!!!

          In times to come (or we are already there) its the economic prowess which nations shall strive for and that will inturn be a ‘No No’ sign of Invasion or aggression unless the world wants to go down in depression economically for years to come…

          A man once said ‘its the juice in the head not in the sack that leads you to success!’

          • Ashraf says:

            Economic growth is important.. i see where you getting.. but if India is not in a position to cut short its military supplies.

            Pakistan & china are just waiting for an opportunity to pounce.

            right now none of the them has a guarantee of beating India. India has nuclear weapons.. remember?

            with Pakistan continiously sending people accross the border in form of terrorists (islamis militants as they are called), china doing everything in their hand to spy on India (the chinese mobiles with spying softwares for instance) and Kashmir issue (which never seems to end).. India is not in a position to divert its attension away from military.

            India could eradicate poverty within a span of 5-10 years provided the politicians put the country ahead of their pockets.

        • Matt says:

          India tends to rely rather heavily on Russian equipment. Russian stuff is usually shot down or blown up in the first few hours of any war. If you don’t believe me, ask any Egyptian, Serb, Libyan, Syrian, Afghans or Iraqi. Any time Russian stuff meets the Western stuff, Russian stuff loses badly.

          • nYx says:

            India USED to tend to rely on Soviet Era war fare machinery and they made the best use of it. The very same hardware destroyed the most indigenously built Patton tank in the 70’s!! So your theory Russian / Soviet Hardware of not performing well is BS.

            I dont know why couldnt the countries you mentioned above, not optimize Soviet Weaponary??

            If it did lose badly to ‘Western Stuff’ as you say, no wonder the cold war ended by both sides choosing to step down! If I go as per your reasoning then wouldnt it have been a cake walk for America to trample over Soviets / Russia?

            p.s. For the past 5 years India has opened its doors to France, Britian, Is***l, American, Brazilian and South African Military Equipment. The amount it has spent on purchases can easily equal to a GDP of a nation you and I know TIMES 3!~

          • spikz says:

            I second nyx. I totally don’t agree to what you just said. Russian weapons are very good.

            In fact some of the their older weapons and planes are much better than what US / UK’s later gen planes or guns could offer.

            Just take AK47’s and the MIG’s.

    • Spikz says:


      The Indian army should probably just look down on Kuwait and ask them “So you wanna mess with our people ? “

      • Bader says:

        I’m sure if anyone has messed with you (specifically you) it’s because you deserve it..

        • spikz says:

          Thankfully I haven’t met any arrogant fools yet.

          The one’s i’ve met are all decent , down to earth and God Fearing people.

          BTW i’m just kiddin dude , why so seriouuuss ??

    • Alcibiades Humour says:

      Thats a projection of your experience.

      There does exists mindless bias on many occasion, but largely inflicted by the hyena-intellect level humans. Eliminate those experiences.

      If you are not shit, you will eventually stop being treated like shit.

  6. Well Kuwait does have plenty of Corvettes and Hummers, just not military ones :P

  7. lolguy says:

    What do they mean when they say 1.3million fit for service? Are they counting the expat population as part of this? They are under the assumption the expats are gonna form part of the defense force after all what has been going on? Lol.

    • Adam (the original one) says:

      They’ll deport you if you don :)

    • Spikz says:

      lol. Couldn’t stop laughing at this.

      Kuwait would probably be alone if anything like the gulf war ever starts again.

      • 3azeez says:

        Kuwait had already been alone when the first war started. All expats left the country, the remaining few were Iraqi allies and took over control of Kuwaiti government organizations (like hospitals, electricity and water utilities etc).

        America supported us because we paid them, cash money, in advance… $200 billion USD. Not to mention that Kuwait sold most of sovereign investments in Europe which was earning the country more than its oil exports (and at some point Kuwait was able to control the economy of some european states).

        our freedom didn’t come cheap… no one wants to help us for free… and then people wonder why Kuwaitis are arrogant with foreigners… maybe its because the fact that people “speak to us” only because of our money!

        • nYx says:

          NOT ALL Expats left the country. Dont even make me open my mouth cause where I come from we dont let our right hand know what the left hand did to help or assist.

          Stop painting everyone with the same brush!!!

        • lolguy says:

          So the Iraqi invasion over 20 years ago is your justification for the current arrogant behavior meted out towards foreigners?
          Whatever helps you sleep at night buddy.

        • Spikz says:

          Still didn’t get it , Let me see if I can understand.

          Ok you got your freedom by spending cash, got it.

          We get cash because we work here and contribute to your countries development.

          Either way nothing comes free in this world (ok except the lucky car prizes at LULU and City Center).

          We don’t really trouble each other or get in each others ways. So why the need for arrogance ?

        • Chris says:

          All expats?! My parents were there, never left.. And are still there ..

        • Ashraf says:

          Well.. seems like you were born after the war or you were just a tiny lil toad during the war.

          not all expats left during the war.. not all expats were iraqi allies…

          this comes from a man whose parents were shot at.. and whose mom had a piece a metal stuck in her nostril for a good 15 years as a result of the shooting.

          why were they shot at??? coz they were celebrating Kuwaits freedom when it was announced in the radio.. just to find a iraqi checkpoint aiming at the car full of Kuwaiti flags.

          for your kind info… Many Kuwaites ran away from Kuwait during the war. they were not there for their own countries cause. and there were many Kuwaities living with the expats so that the iraqis think they are one of the expats.

          oh yeah.. a good bunch of Kuwaities are rude to the foreigners.. let me be very specific.. Asian foreigners.

          i dont see you guys being rude to the westerners… why??? arnt they here for the money?

          people speak to you only for your money??? so how do you pay?? by words, sentences, paragraphs or conversation? :P

          dont use the gulf war as a shield for your arrogance.

        • spikz says:

          Even my uncle and few people I knew stayed back during the Gulf war.

          Most of you so called patriots were in US / UK. Why not fight for your own country ?

          Just know that, money can’t buy you courage , self respect or character. Only arrogance, which you are all showing now.

          Just remember Karma, there will be a time when you will have to come to our respective countries. That time you will know who we are compared to yourselves.

    • Chris says:


  8. Adam (the original one) says:

    These are very low numbers quoted for the equipment. I’m sure they are not right. Kuwait spends trillions on military pieces. 44 helicopters!?!?!?! Disney World has more than that!

  9. 3azeez says:

    Few years ago they would have ranked Syria right next to Egypt. Now, its far far below even Saudi Arabia.

    The truth is, the ranking posted is merely showing how much each country has in vehicles and personnel. In reality, most of the vehicles are out of service and substandard, most personnel are not very well trained and almost impossible to call them in and so the true ranking would be way much different.

    I never knew I’m a military analyst to. I surprised my self! LOL

  10. Ham says:

    time to invade Qatar and Lebanon.

  11. hellppp says:

    The most these will be used is for deporting Expats. use them before they rust……..

    • nYx says:

      Well most of the time expats have been used a cannon fodder, with your statement they (expats) are well on their way to be made to stand infront of cannons! Use & Throw seems to be the mantra!

  12. Fedup says:

    its amazing how so many people love hate kuwait . If you dont like the place leave and find a place you like better . And lets not pretend that only kuwaitie’s look down at indians and Pakistanis etc , have you even been to India or Pakistan . These countries are extremely racist and class oriented . In fact in Dubai where there are very few Gulf Arabs or Locals guess who looks down at them there ?? You guessed it , the westerners .

    Most of the comments on this crap blog are extremely narrow minded and are made by people with very little going on in their lives . In fact I hope most of the whiners on this blog who are living in Kuwait get deported for their own good so they can get a life and DEAL .

  13. James says:

    66. Lebanon

    should just say Hezbollah :)

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