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Looks like the runaway maids account @mn7asha which I posted about last week got closed down. Yesterday Aljazeera posted about the account and when I tried to access it today on Instagram I got a user not found error. I am not sure yet if instagram shut down the account or if the owner did but whatever happened the account is gone for now.

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  1. Asif says:

    Good Job Mark :-)

  2. bask says:

    well from the account owners “defensive – arrogant” feedback and his barbaric followers, its definite that the account was forced out by Instagram.

    Good work, don’t undermine the role your post played in shedding some light on it..

  3. So Embarrassed says:

    I’m so glad that the account is gone. I am mortified and so embarrassed by this and I offer my sincere apology to any one whom we may have offended. However please know that not all Kuwaitis are like that and that there are many many families who treat their help with kindness and compassion.

  4. mungee says:

    this is good news – but these guys will of course find another way to operate. the anger from being shut down will probably motivate them more. still … good news

  5. mungee says:

    you know, what you wrote in that article is SPOT ON. very glad that you spoke up.

  6. mungee says:

    oops just realised it wasnt your comment

  7. Malik says:

    I did mention via @mark248am i don’t know why they missed that tweet.

  8. darkwolf80s says:

    Instagram closed it. See folks, it’s that simple. Do you think that this chain will stop, no it won’t. However, if you do come across something like this or anything that is inhuman, just report it, share the post with your colleagues and hopefully the account will close.

    Now in regards for someone creating an account and this time posting the employers pictures instead of the abused can be easily achieved. You the account creator would have to work anonymously.

  9. anonymouse says:


    @darkwolf80s and anyone else

    check out the link above. for anonymous reporting – as in if YOU see something or know something, you can report it on here and place a marker exactly where you know the abuse happened or just the area. it’s already being used – with a bunch of horrendous cases in Kuwait being reported.

    • Spikz says:

      Dude that link is so horrific it gives me the shivers. Can’t believe there are people this cruel in the middle east. Sick.

      Seriously Kuwait should just abolish the Kafala system, way too much domestic abuse.

  10. 12 years a Slave says:

    Jai Ho! to citizen journalism and to you, Mark who have been the enabler in putting a stop to all this BS.

  11. Steve says:

    Sad sad, very difficult to change mindsets, there are a lot of exceptionally good kuwaiti families who do treat their helps as family, they don’t parade them around in matching uniforms. But the fact is that there are too many that do treat them as slaves and lot of expats do that too, hence the generalisation in kuwait. Collective mindsets need to change, all i can think of now, is what a great man once said ” Be the change you want to see in others”.

    • lol says:

      You don’t have any evidence that most Kuwaitis treat house maid badly

      Treating people like slaves is against human nature

      • bask says:

        There are 365 days a year, go back 10 years then pull out the back pages of the top 3 newspapers and calculate how many “reported incidents”. that alone would suffice for an answer and realize there is something wrong and alarming. you want to go more digging on to cruelty and verbal abuse, I’m sure you have been to public places such as ministries, airports etc and see how they are treated, specifically Asians. Now, my argument here is not wether the “many” or “few” behave like that, its what laws and civil are in place to ensure no abuse takes place….NIL.

        Last, it has nothing to do with nature, its nurture, education and law that regulates how people interact with one another.

        • lol says:

          I’ve been ministries and airports, never seen any kind of cruelty and verbal abuse to foreigners.

          In UAE, Bahrain and Qatar, there are far more ‘reported incidents’ in newspapers than in Kuwait

          • bask says:

            loool are u for real?

          • D. says:

            I love how you’re here acting like “if you didn’t see it it didn’t happen”, but are actually offering your anecdotes as “proof”.

            A crime being underreported doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

        • lol says:

          Kuwaitis are only 30% of the population

          Most Arab expatriates in Kuwait have a house maid

          Many Western expatriates in Kuwait have house maids

          Do you have any evidence that Kuwaitis are responsible for the majority of ”reported incidents” in the newspapers?

          You don’t have any evidence

          90% of Kuwaiti households don’t have a maid. It’s safe to say that a significant amount of expatriates are responsible for the ”reported incidents” you hear about in the newspapers

          • bask says:

            “90% of Kuwaiti households don’t have a maid”….ummmm are u living in the twilight zone? with this statement, i think its pointless getting into a constructive rational based discussion / reply.

      • mungee says:

        actually, treating people like slaves IS human nature. Anyone with any power is more likely to use it against those below them than not – especially if they in turn are being mistreated by those above them. This goes all the way to the top and the bottom. The really rich will mistreaet the kinda rich – and even with housemaids, the head housemaid might lord her authority over those under her. THAT is human nature.

        on the other hand – i do find it interesting that a LOT of ppl are more embarrased and worried that ppl will be offended that slavery is happening in Kuwait than actual care for the ppl being enslaved. this is the mentality that is keeping kuwait back – trying to keep an ‘image’ or respectable idea of kuwait and kuwaitis. why dont you just ditch that and care about the actual ppl? if i had a nickel for everytime somebody was embarrased that kuwait is tied in with slavery, human trafficking, murder and rape of low income expats – id be richer than most of you :D

    • Burhan says:

      I don’t know Steve – if kids are hunting ducks with slingshots, families are giggling when killing endangered turtles, its not a far stretch to imagine that they would treat others like that.

      Its all about the home environment. If your parents are respectful to their help, then so will you.

      If they treat their help poorly, you as a kid will assume this is the norm and you will do the same.

      • Kuwaiti says:

        The family giggling at killing endangered turtle was Saudi, not Kuwaiti

        Saudis are not Kuwaitis, it’s a different nationality,

        Watch the turtle video, those people are not Kuwaitis.

      • aaa says:

        You’re assuming Kuwaitis are the only ones with maids when they make up less than half of the population

        • sarah says:

          aaa is correct, there are ‘black lists’ with the authorities of people who have repeatedly abused their domestic employees and continue to have the ability to hire new employees and many of them are not Kuwaitis. But Kuwaitis will continue to be targeted in the media because the ‘system’ is wrong. I advocated protective legislation for domestic employees and many of my points were in agreement with the government, but most MP’s don’t want to touch the subject, because of the importance that domestics hold with their constituents. But Kuwait is responsible for their reputation, so therefore should enact protective legislation to protect domestic workers. But now Kuwait is facing a difficulty in recruiting quality domestics and this is due to a delay in social reform that pleases foreign governments.

  12. shabana says:


  13. Sami says:

    Great news and good job.

  14. May says:

    Heartless people shouldn’t be given the change to humiliate others even how evil they may be…. I feel pity to whoever owns that account.

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