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National Library Now Opens in the Evenings

One of the biggest complaints about the National Library is that it is only open during the day and only on weekdays when everyone is at work. But, starting this Tuesday, June 14th, the National Library will now open in the evenings from 4PM to 9PM, but only on Tuesdays.

I love the library so I hope this new influx of traffic won’t be an issue. There are a lot of important books and archives there with very little monitoring by staff or security. I’ve spent so much time there alone flipping through books and newspapers without seeing anyone so I’m personally worried some people will take advantage and steal books or rip pages out of the newspapers.

If you didn’t know about the library or want to know what’s there, check out my previous post here.

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I understand your concern about the books and newspapers.
However, I have to say for me it’s something great! I’ve been wishing to visit the library since I came to Kuwait and was not possible because of my work schedule. Finally I will get the opportunity.

Keep in mind guys, you can’t access it unless you have an appointment from the Meta platform

Funny that the govt’s meta platform came right before zucks meta broke cover

Iraqis believe that the reader does not steal and the thief does not read. The community implies that a reader, an enduring will always be wise enough to share his/her wisdom and will not try to keep the knowledge to themselves. They will not steal, instead, share with others

Beautiful ……at the crux of it a reader develops empathy. Wide variety of knowledge helps a reader to appreciate others, other cultures and removes misconceptions. Thus knowledge ultimately leads to appreciation, tolerance ( probably celebration), respect and empathy. Books are good!

“I love the library so I hope this new influx of traffic won’t be an issue”.

Wait the influx of what now?

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