The new banknotes presentation

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Yesterday the Central Bank of Kuwait introduced the new banknotes at a press event and now the presentation that was shared at that event is available online for everyone to watch. The presentation is in Arabic and talks about the reasons why the new banknotes were introduced, the images that were chosen for each banknote and the new security features amongst other things. The new banknotes will be officially launched next month on June 29th. Check out the full presentation below.


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  1. Ashraf says:

    Why do i have a feeling something big is gonna happen before 29th June..

  2. bardon says:

    Do they mention why there aren’t any sheikhs on the new ones?

  3. Jake says:

    Arabic only not even english subs. i guess there were no English people in the Audience then, and this is only presented to Kuwaiti’s

  4. Neo says:

    Heard a long time back that they were planning a unified currency for the GCC , on the lines of Euro for Europe.

    Now, that would have been great !

    Anyone knows why they shelved that project ?

  5. Chris says:

    I’m curious, how long will the current notes be valid for?

  6. Uknown says:

    The KD 20 Note has a spelling mistake.. Find out guys….

  7. Marhaba says:

    Wow something to look forward too besides my June salary.

    I am sure people will start taking selfie with these notes.

  8. Ooreedo with Sing Tel says:

    Are these new notes anything like the plastic notes they have in Canada and Singapore?

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