An interview about drones in Kuwait

Post by Mark

Husain Ismail whom I’ve previously posted about when I shared his video of his drone flying higher than the Liberation Tower (pictured above) was recently interviewed on KTV about his hobby. In the interview Husain goes into details about how he started and how he’s modified his drone to fly over a kilometer in height. It’s an interesting interview to watch if you’ve been curious about this hobby. The interview is in Arabic and you can check it out below.

my interview with KTV.. 15.5.2014 —– مقابله في تلفزيون الكويت والحديث عن التصوير الج from husain_ on Vimeo.

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  1. syed says:

    first of all, is it legal to fly drones in kuwait? what are the limitations, we need to know that first.

  2. the real says:

    Aren’t they a danger to incoming aircraft?

    If some stupid kids are in control of these things, this could be a disaster waiting to happen?

    • Mark says:

      Well it’s something they’re trying to figure out around the world on how to monitor or control it. There was an incident in the news recently of an aircraft hitting a drone or something similar.

    • me says:

      Don’t worry.. They will get prohibited soon ;)

  3. wrathyimp says:

    So better invest in drones for future black market

  4. Kuwait says:

    They’re perfectly fine to use in Kuwait – until someone gets hurt or killed

  5. Tricks says:

    Whatever it is, this is actually a very welcomed change in the form of a hobbyist; one who
    actually isn’t re- engineering cupcakes. Kudos Hussain.

    • the real says:

      Until he knocks out an incoming Kuwait Airlines passenger jet with 200 people on it. Yes ok

    • Heartshapedname says:

      Implying this wasn’t overhyped and overused everywhere in the world.

      This guy just spent 10mins on Youtube and like any typical untalented attention seeking Kuwaiti, he did what everyone did in the rest of the world and purchased this stupid drone to fly it for 1hour and his ADD kicks in then he’ll sell it or let it rot in his house.

      These things will obviously cause a lot of privacy issues since you can remotely see what the drone is seeing and from that you can fly it inside houses and who knows if the walls won’t block the wireless data being transmitted between the drone and the idiot controlling it, they can literally get inside your room if you can’t hear it or if there’s no one in the vicinity.

      Since it won’t be prohibited until it cause trouble, here’s an idea for thieves. Try targeting Kuwaiti houses in the summer when everyone throw themselves at the airport just to travel anywhere and scout the house from the inside using this drone then plan out your robbery with your friends. Easy money!

  6. Tricks says:

    You actually want to counter the goodness and skill set this young man possesses with morbidity? You have issues my friend, like seriously.

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